Why Mobad’s father and I separated – Singer’s mother finally breaks silence in fresh interview


Why Mobad’s father and I separated – Singer’s mother finally breaks silence in fresh interview

Mother of Nigerian singer, Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba well known as Mohbad has broken her silence on the issues and circumstances that led to her and her ex-husband’s separation.

Mrs Aloba in a fresh interview revealed at the beginning, that she and Joseph loved each other and she went against her parents wishes to marry him.


She claimed to be the breadwinner in their home as they lived in abject poverty, yet her husband was wicked to her.

Opening up how issues started, Mohbad’s mum said she used to give Joseph her daily earnings but the day she refused, he started accusing her of different things especially adultery.

Debunking adultery claims, Mohbad’s mother further stated that that was the reason he threw out her luggage one night due to his speculations.

In her words: “Joseph Aloba and I loved each other so much when we started. Even though my parents warned me not to marry him but I didn’t listen.

All the money I was making from menial jobs, I gave him everything. I used my money and sweat to send him for a one year Pastoral training under Prophet Abiara. In the marriage, he was a stubborn and wicked husband.


He was always fighting me that I fell into depression. It was in abject poverty that I had the three children for him. I decided to be grinding pepper for a living so I got a shop and I started the work. The money I was making from this, I gave him daily.

One day I decided to use the money I made that day for myself (N3,500). I didn’t give him. That was the genesis of our problem. He frustrated me. The reports going around that he sent me out because I committed adultery, are false.

There was a lady and her hubby who were staying next to us at that time. I was much older than her but we became friends. Her hubby was from my town. They used to come and eat at our place.

One day the wife traveled and I went to give the hubby food out of goodwill, then MOH’s dad saw me and started shouting that I was having an affair with the man. I refused to beg him because my conscience was clear. He told me to leave his house.

Three pastors came to beg him but he refused. He threw my luggage out very late at night. I had to go sleep in my shop. In the morning I went to the house to check on my kids, immediately he saw me, he picked a knife and chased me. I ran for my life…”

Mohbad’s mother also claimed Joseph said one of their kids, Adura is a bastard so she wasn’t sh0cked that he claimed his grandson, Liam is also a bastard.

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She added that Joseph and Moh’s wife, Wumi used to be close but after she refused to give him Liam’s placenta they started quarreling.


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Mohbad’s mother continued: “After I ran for my life, I went to my parent’s house but my dad did not let me in because he said he had warned me before. MOH’s dad did not let me have access to my children.

After a while, he allowed me to take Adura because he was a baby. Adura was always falling sick when he was with me. I reached out to the dad for hospital bills but he refused. He said Adura was a bast*rd and that if he was not his blood, he would d!e before he clocked one.

I am not surprised that he is now calling Liam a bast*rd. He did it to his own son too. He knows Liam is MOH’s son, he just wanted to frustrate Wunmi. He was the one that prepared the prayer water that Wunmi drank before she became pregnant.

When Liam was born, he warned them not to let me carry or give him a bath. He told them I was a witch. I couldn’t carry him for a very long time. He was the one that organized the pastor that named the boy. He and Wunmi used to be very close but what really caused their problem was placenta and naming ceremony money.

After Liam was named, he said Moh should give him 250k so he could go back to Ikorodu and cook for people that would be visiting him but Moh refused. It became a big issue. I had to intervene and beg Moh before he sent the money to his dad.

I see all the curses Nigerians are placing on me and the innocent baby. They will go back to the sender. Moh never doubted Liam’s paternity. God will iudge Baba Mohbad because after Moh rented an apartment for me, he settled our differences and his dad was always coming to sleep over. Now he is treating me as if we are strangers. Ifayakanya will judge between us.”

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