Why Mohbad father sees me as an enemy – Late singer’s wife Omowunmi Aloba spills

Why Mohbad father sees me as an enemy – Late singer’s wife Omowunmi spills


Cynthia Omowunmi Aloba, the wife of the late singer Ilerioluwa Aloba better known as Mohbad has disclosed why Mohbad father sees her as an enemy.

Speaking at the Candide-Johnson Court House in Ita Elewa, Ikorodu, the late singer’s wife discloses that Mohbad’s father thought that she was causing a rift between him and Mohbad, which resulted in their strained relationship.


During her testimony before the Lagos coroner’s inquest on Tuesday, Omowunmi disclosed that her relationship with her father-in-law, Oladimeji Aloba, soured following the arrival of her son, Liam.

She informed Magistrate Adedayo Shotobi, the coroner, that Mohbad’s father grew upset with her because Mohbad chose not to hold Liam’s naming ceremony in Ikorodu.

In her words; “I used to have a very good relationship with my father-in-law before the birth of my son, Liam. In fact, I used to invite him to our house on many occasions.


But because Mohbad was angry with him over some of the things he was doing and his refusal to hold our son’s naming ceremony in Ikorodu, he became angry with me, thinking I was the one behind it all. So he became my enemy and was not talking to me like before.”

Speaking further on the matter between the late singer’s wife and Mohbad father, controversial blogger Gistlover wrote; “From Wunmi Mohbad wife: Today at the coroners inquest Wunmi was made to say her own part of the story, she narrated how she and baba Mohbad used to be very close , how Mohbads dad prayed for her to conceive Liam, she said they were so close to the extent that Mohbads dad used to bring his girlfriend to their rented apartment in Lekki and she never raised eyebrows because according to Wunmi, it’s his sons house, the girlfriend was said to be different from the stepmother at home, so Mohbad house was their meeting point.”

Wunmi narrated that problem started when she gave birth to Liam, she said Liam’s placenta was what caused their indifference , Wunmi and Moh refused to hand over Liam placenta to Daddy Mohbad which caused alot of argument and ever since then it’s was from one issue to another, according to her, it was originally Mohbads decision not to hand over the placenta to the dad, she as the wife just supported the opinion.

she also made mention of the allegation from baba Mohbad of seeing blood soaked bucket in Mohbads room, she said all of that was a lie and Mohbad brother who stays with them can testify to it that the cut was just a little cut and what was soaked up was water, she narrated how Mohbad got the ikorodu show, how Mohbad sustained injury after fighting with prime boy ,how she has been receiving threat since her husband passed on, how people are defaming her on social media over what she didn’t do, how Mohbad Canada visa was approved a day before he died , how she had to run out of her husband house after his death because of threat , the next coroner inquest hearing has been moved to Nov 15.”

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ohlumieday: How would mohbad refuse to give his dad his son placenta? If truly he refused to hand it over to his Dad, then that means something is fishing. Dat one no clear at all…

scarm_ary: You come here Dey cap Rubbish swear he no go better for you and all wumi family.

regina17271: If you are a married woman and u are here criticizing a widow like Wunmi we face everything she is facing now and if u aren’t married u will meet trouble all through ur life.

helenujunwa962: All this one nah story what we want to know is what happened to Moh. If mohbad dad brings woman to the house that is his private life it has Notting to do with what happened to your husband. Is true they said dead people can’t talk but any body that is involved or knows anything concerning his kpia and decided not to talk karma is real my only happiness is that IMOLE pain has ended but there’s just began . They will never no peace.

sandrageorge_7: Oloriburuku blogger… You see the truth buh you no go fit talk am base on say wunmi don lure you with lies and little money. ODE. Make conscience Dey worry you. Time will tell.

maliselinalubula: I knew wummi’s safety is at stake 😢God please protect her from Mohbad’s enemies that has now turned into her enemies 😢.

charlt790: Now that you killed his sim where will he go knack shey nah ur papa house e go go knack ??? U nah say e deh fight for property. Make he deh beg for money if he won lodge babes since y’all don k!ll his son.


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