Mohbad father finally opens up about why his late son has not been buried (Video)


Mohbad father finally opens up about why his late son has not been buried (Video)

Joseph Aloba, the father of Nigerian popular singer Mohbad, has opened up about the driving force behind his unwavering quest for justice in the tragic loss of his son.

In a widely circulated video, the deceased music star emphasized in a recent interview with TVC’s Ivy Kanu that he will only permit the release of his late son Mohbad’s body from the morgue after obtaining the DNA test result for his grandson, Liam, and the autopsy report for Mohbad.


Joseph also disclosed his determination to unravel and uncover the truth surrounding another matter. He emphasized that his son was not the individual who received Liam’s placenta.

Mr. Aloba highlighted that he initially did not give it much consideration until a land dispute emerged between his son and his mother-in-law around the time of Liam’s birth.

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This recent development comes after months of ongoing exchanges between Mohbad’s father and the family of the singer’s wife.


Watch the video below here

See reactions below;

pretty_davies: Dey supposed do DNA to also find out if na this man really born mohbad …😢😢.

hajia_sade_makind: I don’t know why Wunmi is so scared of doing DNA, this why all women should learn from this hmmmmm.

molly_nma_blessed: You want the child’s mother to bring out her money to prove to you that the child is for her husband. You want dna you no won pay for it.


official_sog9: You claimed to love Mobbed, but you can’t do a common DNA test to prove your innocent so your husband can’t rest in peace 😮 what a wicked world. The fear of women is the beginning of wisdom 🙌.

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iambuzor: If Nigerians want the DNA test to be done and money is the problem na for this instagram we go raise the money under 24 hours ….. in Yoruba culture and some part of Igbo culture, it’s the family of the husband that handles the burying of the new born babies placenta. Except the baby is born abroad. Who took the placenta? And why ? You can see why this man is demanding for DNA. Sometimes we say abeg leave culture but this is one of the repercussions. Did Imole handle the placenta himself ? If not who did and why? This man messed up in the beginning by burying Imole so fast and with how this case is going, we can see the man was probably under pressure or threat. This man energised Imole’s bullies the day he was praying for who was bullying his son. I don’t even want to go there again because I don’t know why I should be afraid to protect my son. If you like be the anini or Otokoto me ans you go dey meet for different native doctors house if you get money pass me I go try juju but I must make you feel the danger to ever near my son again. I go waka till I see devil face to face them I go offer my body parts to him in exchange to protect my son and make sure that bully keeps running helter-skelter for his spiritual protection.

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