Mark Angel is one of the richest comedians and is making almost $300k a month — Alibaba (Video)

Mark Angel is one of the richest comedians and is making almost $300k a month — Alibaba (Video)

Renowned comedian Alibaba has disclosed that Popular skit maker Mark Angel is one of the richest comedians in Nigeria, having an impressive monthly income of approximately $300,000.

The veteran stand up comic star made this known in his recent interview with ‘The Honest Bunch’ post, stating that many people doubt the wealth of Mark Angel owing to his simple appearance until they hear how much Facebook and YouTube pay him every month.


Although many people are in doubt, the people who pay for the services Mark Angel and other comedians offer are well aware of the value they provide.

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He elaborated on the inception of his career, highlighting that his initial job, earning 1.6 million Naira, dated back to 1995 during a brand tour. Since then, numerous individuals have discovered financial success in the field of comedy.


Listen to the interview below here

Some reactions are shown below:

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@fearthe_beardz said, “Ali Baba invented monetization of Comedy Business in Nigeria so if he’s speaking on the business i would be handing my notes.”

@LupinIkenga said, “It’s because he doesn’t flaunt his wealth like Ndi ofe mmanu”.


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@DeReal_Francis said, “300k dolls over exaggerating…. For a year maybe not a month”.

@PurpleKingTony said, “I doubt even Dave Chappelle was making $300k per month at his peak This is how fraud is perpetuated, call a number and have enough people behind it, now you can begin collecting money at said rate or worse loans”.

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