Drama as 50-year-old man visits Mark Angel’s house to seek Emmanuella’s hand in marriage (WATCH)


Drama as 50-year-old man visits Mark Angel’s house to seek Emmanuella’s hand in marriage

A viral video online shows the moment comedian Mark Angel gets angry after a 50-year-old man visits his mansion and by extension asks for Emmanuella’s hands in marriage.

In the video, the 50-year-old man was accompanied by his guys as he visited the house of the comedian where he was given a warm welcome and that has just the beginning.

As they are having the conversation, the 50-year-old man tells Mark Angel that he wants to have 13-year-old Emmanuella as his wife.


Mark Angel who didn’t see this coming burst into laughter and also Emmanuella who is standing tells the 50-year-old man that he is old enough to be her father.

This is coming weeks after Emmanuella stirs mixed reactions with her outfits and gets criticized by many on the need to be cautioned and Mark Angel reacts to it by accepting the blame and tendering apology to the people.

Drama as 50-year-old man visits Mark Angel’s house to seek Emmanuella’s hand in marriage

Finding out that the conversation with the 50-year-old is getting serious, Mark Angel stands up and declines the man’s offer telling him that he is just a guardian/comedic father to Emmanuella as he needs to go to Emmanuella’s biological father to see for her hands in Marriage.

The matter worsened after a Mark Angel friend/security detail comes in and found out that the 50-year-old man came for a marriage with Emmanuella.

The man didn’t take it lightly and by extension got in a heated exchange with the 50-year-old man and his guys.

Reacting to this, the 50-year-old man defends himself as he asserts that there is nothing bad in seeking the hands of Emmanuella’s hands in marriage and further makes reference to the relationship between Regina Daniels and Ned Nwoko.

The heated moment continues, with Mark Angel fuming so hard after he found out that they are recording the whole moment and won’t allow them to leave his compound.

The tubers of Yam that were brought in by the 50-year-old and his guys were destroyed during the heated moment.


However, the matter was later resolved after they found out that the whole moment was a prank video with Mark Angel, Emmanuella and others later seen smiling.

Watch the video below here;

See reactions below;

johnjoy295: First time in history way Mark serious😂😂😂.

kolkay1: thin line between predatory behaviour and prank.

michelle_amokade_kemmie: Mark Angel is mentoring Emmanuella for himself. At the end of the day, he will marry her.

oyinnentertainer: I love the man putting on a blue cap. He’s actions says alot about him. He’s discipline man.

gifonen_autos: @markangelcomedy lives in a country home. That’s a community he built right there. See house na!!! Respect to that dude. So silent on the wealth ✊🏾.

bossqueen_olam: Make nobody sha use marriage prank me.

gylliananthonett: Emmanuella is so pretty but let’s about those broken yam


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