Comedian Mark Angel reacts to viral video of Emmanuella showing off her body in new outfit

Comedian Mark Angel reacts to viral video of Emmanuella showing off her body in new outfit

Popular Nigerian comedian, Mark Angel has shared some light on the viral video of his 13-year-old cousin, Emmanuella, flaunting her body shape in a new outfit.

Emmanuella, who is a comic star, has been one of the trending conversations online as netizens slammed her over indecent dressing in the video.


Mark Angel, however, reacted as he took to his Instagram story, revealing that he never gave his concert to the clip.

He made it known that Emmanuella rocked her elder sister’s gown and posted it on WhatsApp. However, a friend of hers who was hunting for views posted it on TikTok and it went viral.

The post reads, “Dear friends and family, I want to address a situation involving my child: Emanuella’s recent video that has been circulating on social media.”


“Unfortunately, she innocently wore inappropriate clothing belonging to one of her elder sisters without our knowledge, posted it on her WhatsApp status but unfortunately a view-hungry adult (who I believe should have done the right thing by calling to report the child’s behaviour considering that we consider her a family friend) She downloaded the video and posted it on her own tiktok account without considering that the child may have posted that video without fully understanding the consequences.”

“The video was shared without my consent or the consent of her handler. I take full responsibility as a parent, and I sincerely apologize for any discomfort or concern this may have caused. I’m addressing the situation with my child, emphasizing the importance of making responsible choices.”

“Please understand that this was a mistake, and I am taking steps to ensure it doesn’t happen again. Thank you for your understanding and support during this challenging time. Best, Mark Angel”.

Checkout the post below:


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Comedian Mark Angel reacts to viral video of Emmanuella showing off her body in new outfit

The post triggered massive reactions as commenters thronged to comment section. Some reactions are shown below:

@sami_incredible said, “Y’all spend too much time on irrelevant internet trends.”

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@topensyy said, “This is another reason why you need to be careful of who you let into your private space. So many people view your status and save them waiting to use any of them against you anytime”.

@KinqKudos said, “This dress no be her sister own at all, na she get am.”

@VivaDido said, “This excuse is so lame. Her elder sister’s gown indeed. If the public hadn’t reacted negatively to it, would you have reprimanded her? That girl don enter market from the look of things. Did they say she’s 13 abi 15?”

@itspauldaniels said, “How long will you be able to handle her this way Mark.”

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@AdrienIsnthere said, “So na woman download the video??????? What’s wrong with this gender?”.

@Ifysunshine12 said, “This is the most difficult stage for every parent….. teen age…. If you can’t get it right this time… na wahala promax be that”.

@official_adags said, “Emmanuella doesn’t look like a girl that can be controlled anymore with those kinda videos she posted and I expect Mark Angel to only try his best coz you can’t force training into that kinda girl’s head right now”.

@NobleBenz said, “Even her own brother acknowledges the fact that the dress was inappropriate and it only set her up for pedos online but woke twitter peeps and feminists said nothing was wrong. Parents and guardians should ensure kids dress appropriate always. Hope this helps💡”.

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