“You’re not a true man of God” – Celestial church fires back as Pastor Ibiyeomie over recent comment

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“You’re not a true man of God” – Celestial church fires back as Pastor Ibiyiomie

The Celestial Church of Christ has written an open letter addressed to the senior pastor of Salvation Ministries, Pastor David Ibiyeomie, over his recent comment about white garment churches.

It will be recalled that during a sermon in his church, the televangelist expressed his strong dislike for the church denomination because of the practices he believes they engage him.

According to him, some prophets in white garment churches manipulate people’s destinies through the use of demonic psalms and other rituals.

“Do you know why I dislike white garment churches? People don’t know the reasons behind my feelings. If you knew what they do, you would never like them. They can take your surname and put it inside a bottle of gin and perform incantations,” he said in part.

His statement did not sit well with many and he was called out for openly berating another church on the pulpit.

In a new development, the Celestial Church of Christ has taken to their media’s official Instagram account to condemn Pastor Ibiyeomie for speaking ill of their church.

They declared that the clergyman cannot be considered a true man of God for saying he ‘hates’ another Christian denomination, as it’s against the teachings of Christ. They also clarified that they pray with Psalms, not incantations as he claimed.


Read the full post below: “AN OPEN LETTER TO PASTOR DAVID IBIYEOMIE (share till he sees it) David Ibiyeomie.

Dear Pastor David Ibiyeomie, The word ” hatred ” is totally AntiChrist. You really went too far in your expressions.

Hating a Church of Christ or a Body of Christ is really an off when Christ showed and taught us love !❤

Where is the love in all you preach and teach ! 1 Corinthians 13 teaches us that if i be pastor, a preacher or prophet and do not have love, then it is vain.

Taking swipes against the white garment church multiple times shows that you are not truly a lover of Christ !

No true man of God ever hates a body of Christ! Or speaks ill about another body of Christ. There is no message of Christ as sheer hatred.

The use of psalms is never a sin ! Praying with psalms is never a sin, as stated in Colossians 3 v 16,

“Let the message of Christ dwell among you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom through psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit, singing to God with gratitude in your hearts.

Praying with psalms is never demonic or incantations !

Though there are false prophets and men in every church, even in your church as well. Even the bible made clear this.

This is factual about Celestial in particular :

No Celestial Church puts people’s names in gin !

Celestial Church is never a fetish church. Saying what isn’t about the Celestial Church is liable as a sin against the Holy Spirit.

The workings of the holy spirit is not incantation or demonic ! It is confounding your wisdom because it is not given to you.. What you don’t understand is much more than you.

Verify and prove with facts before coming out to mention the name of any church ! Don’t say things you haven’t been there to confirm vividly for yourself.

Celestial Church is a white garment church that is bible believing, Holy Spirit founded, and Christ’s. Whether you like it or not, the celestial Church will always be of the Lord’s

Like our song says, if the whole world rise against us or hate us, they will bow for the Lord at last.



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See the post below,

“You’re not a true man of God” – Celestial church fires back as Pastor Ibiyiomie

“You’re not a true man of God” – Celestial church fires back as Pastor Ibiyiomie


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