“Tonto Dikeh is thre@tening my life, I’m scared at this point” – Activist VeryDarkMan (Video)


Tonto Dikeh is threatening my life, I’m scared at this point – Activist VeryDarkBlackMan (Video)

In a recent video, Nigerian social media activist Martins Vincent Otse, popularly known as VeryDarkMan confidently declares that if anything happens to him, Nollywood actress turned politician, Tonto Dikeh should be hold accountable.

Recall, Tonto Dikeh shared images of VeryDarkMan in the custody of The Nigeria Police Force Criminal Investigation Department (FCID) on her Instagram. Alongside these pictures, she included cryptic captions, adding an air of mystery to the situation.


The actress narrated the events that transpired at the FCID in Abuja, detailing how VeryDarkBlackMan was compelled to retract all the public allegations he had made against her.

Shortly after VeryDarkBlackMan’s release, he went on Instagram to express his joy at regaining freedom, an action that seemed to prompt a reaction from Tonto Dikeh.

Tonto Dikeh took to social media to slam him, accusing him of lying. The Actress in her post bragged that she is a lion who struts confidently in the face of her enemies and isn’t scared of attacking naysayers who cross paths with her.

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In a recent video reply, VeryDarkBlackMan conveyed apprehension about his safety, disclosing that he received urgent calls from family members advising him to go into hiding due to alleged threats made by the actress behind closed doors.

Accusing her of leveraging her influence in the APC to coerce and intimidate him into silence, Verydarkman asserted that he has already contacted the police.


However, he emphasized the importance of revealing the truth to the public. He concluded by stating that if any harm were to befall him, Tonto Dikeh should bear responsibility.

Watch the video below here:

See reactions below;

caramel.plugg: Ah ah.. why did he not say she’ll learn now? 😔🫢 keep the same energy 🥺 I don’t like how your voice is shaking 😔🙂…

moshakodaku: I was waiting to hear his favorite line “You gonna learn, and gonna learn the hard way” . Abi Tonto Dike don take your voice??😂😂😂😂.

rajisalihu28_eva: Mohbad left de same message dat we should hold Naira Marley accountable, but u carry ring light change de whole stories, u no allow street do Watin dey their mind mtchwww😒😒.


evannypatrick: There’s no threat there you’re obviously playing a victim card…the post says it all…No threat there oga🤦‍♀️.

tesyfabrics_and_rtw: Coming from thesame you that said the fact that Naira Marley threatened mohbad does not mean that he is responsible for his death 😂😂😂. So e reach your turn now you don Dey cry up and down.

sauceprince1: Miss Tonto, at this point, you should just keep it cool. I understand every Nigerian likes using sentiments on matters, then again, this MAN hasn’t done anything but shed light to matters and we should applaud him for that. Y’all called David out for doing same to your gender, yet, you’re being accused of doing same to another. We can’t have this kind of government and not love each other again. We are going through a lot in this COUNTRY, not to love another. We love everyone doing what is right, I know the young man might have said something’s you didn’t like, but looking at his videos, this man wouldn’t say anything without anything pushing it out, if you didn’t say anything to warrant his approach, he won’t have talked about you. Human life is in God’s hand, but let’s thread carefully please.

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