Footballer Sadio Mane’s 18-year-old wife gets a grand reception as she returns to school (Watch)


Footballer Sadio Mane’s 18-year-old wife gets a grand reception as she returns to school (Watch)

Aisha Tamba, the 18-year-old newlywed wife of Sadio Mane, was joyously welcomed as she returned to school just a day after marrying the Senegalese footballer.

The ex-Liverpool striker, currently with Al-Nassr in the Saudi Pro League, wed Tamba in an Islamic ceremony on January 7 in Keur Massar, a suburb located in the capital city of Dakar.


The wedding occurred at Aisha’s residence and was attended by family members and intimate friends.

Following the wedding at Aisha’s home, her father, Amadou Tamba, disclosed that his 18-year-old daughter caught the attention of the 31-year-old Mane over two years ago when she visited his family with her mother.

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In a recently circulated online video, Tamba is shown receiving a warm reception as she returns to her school after marrying the footballer.


The footage depicted a large crowd assembling in the school grounds, singing songs in celebration of Tamba and Mane.

Reportedly, Tamba is pursuing her baccalaureate studies at a school in Mbao, a town situated in Dakar. The baccalaureate is an academic qualification typically obtained by students at the conclusion of their secondary education.

Watch the video below here;

See reactions below;

wealthyprince__: She file for divorce tomorrow then demand 50% of mane’s wealth That’s no point in getting marry just find a girl yo pregnant and sort out for the baby.

lady___p: 18? She’s still a “kid” 😢.

thechummay: Set eyes on eachother when she was a minor. I refuse to comment daddy wa. I no kuku get him money for my family.

blake411_: So mane was building schools in his hometown just to look for a wife 😂what a Legend!


tiwasarts: I like that he didn’t allow peer pressure from his colleagues who make so much money just to lav!sh on those white slay queen models or socialites win him over, a lot of these African footballers marry those blondes just to feel among 🥴.

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tunji_is_weird: She is still in secondary school and this guy is literally 13 years older than her 😒.

cdoscopedee: Of all Africa footballers, this Mané seems to have made the best choices. Played a fulfilling career in his prime, made his money, and moved to a compatible culture to conclude his career and make even more money. Now settled down with a woman who can share same mentality with him. Kudos!

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