Mohbad’s childhood friend accused of hitting him with strange ‘ring’ at Ikorodu finally speaks (Video)


Mohbad’s childhood friend accused of hitting him with strange ‘ring’ at Ikorodu finally speaks (Video

A close childhood friend of the late Nigerian singer Mohbad identified as Primeboy, has publicly denied allegations of his involvement in the singer’s tragic demise.

The accusations had claimed that Primeboy had struck Mohbad during a performance in Ikorodu, purportedly leading to the singer’s untimely de@th.


Taking to his Instagram page, Primeboy passionately refuted these allegations and stressed the deep bond he shared with Mohbad, asserting that he had no conceivable motive to harm his friend.

Expressing his disbelief and distress at the situation, he implored the public to cease spreading baseless rumors and unfounded claims.

Mohbad Childhood friend, Primeboy


Primeboy went on to emphasize that there were several witnesses, including Mohbad’s wife and other individuals, present during the alleged incident.

He firmly asserted that he was not involved in any altercation with the late singer.

In a plea for the truth to come to light, Primeboy called upon the authorities to conduct a thorough and comprehensive investigation into the circumstances surrounding Mohbad’s tragic passing.

In Primeboy word; “Please I know nothing about it I did not even touch MOH he hit me I did not even do anything God knows his wife was there also and the Prado man and security’s please do not say what you don’t know make your investigation I did not have any issues with moh he called me all the time I don’t stay with them please and please i know nothing.”

While Primeboy’s denial has sparked some support from fans and friends, many netizens remain skeptical, calling for a thorough investigation to unravel the true circumstances surrounding the tragic de@th of Mohbad.

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