Madonna University student reportedly expelled for engaging in rau.nchy TikTok challenge (video)

madonna university student expelled

A 100l student of Madonna University has reportedly been expelled for participating in the trending TikTok challenge known as “Surround Sound.”


It’s no news that this challenge has created a significant online buzz, with both men and women taking part in it.

The challenge involves attaching a phone to the ceiling to capture an overhead view of the room while the participant engages in various activities.

The most common activity seen in these videos is ladies dancing seductively and twerking.

Madonna University student reportedly expelled 

The Madonna University student also hopped on the challenge but didn’t know that it would result in her expulsion.

In the video, the student (whose name remains undisclosed) was initially seen topless before engaging in a provocative dance and twerking in what appeared to be a hostel.

According to reports, the school authorities got wind of the video and subsequently expelled her.

The incident has sparked a wave of comments on social media, with some supporting the school’s decision to expel her while others defended the girl.

Madonna University student reportedly expelled 

Read some comments below:

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maryjhane_ce said, “😂😂😂don’t play my school. The school motto says decency in education and morals😂😂😂 don’t play. You signed up fr it….Madonna will teach you👏 you’ll learrrrrrrrrrrrrrn* by force or take a bow”.

amina_minaah said, “Wetin pain me be say the video is not even worth it”.

real.greatness1 said, “Her video isn’t the problem here, the problem is the school rules and regulations, does it clearly state that such incidents punishment is an expulsion. If yes then that’s it, because every student actually signs the undertaking on the acceptance of their admission.”

inumidun_ said, “This is a very very happy news, we are expecting more videos dear… Weldone”.

priceless_heartmosphere said, “Serves her right ,if others will learn from this.”

kokorado said, “Let her enter street one hand to experiment it because she like street … she go collect double from street.”

maleficent_mama2 said, “She should go home and explain very well to her parents 😂😂😂”.

@redroomclothings wrote, “This one sweet me. If authorities in Nigeria start to punish people for their silly actions such as this. There will be some headway.”

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@iam__zeus wrote, “Madonna University don’t tolerate such rubbish. It’s a catholic university owned by a Reverend Father. Serves her right! 😂”

@ms_ebubae wrote, “But do these people not even have parents or family members that they have regard for?? Like what is all this? How can I forget the kind of father I have and be doing this? School will now expel me 😂🤣😂🤦‍♀️ what will I tell my father and his kinsmen??? God please help this generation because more crase is still ahead”

@ken_diesel_autos_ltd wrote, “The school overreacted jor…mtcheeew, so stripper are not allowed to get quality education or what?”.

ask4_vanesa1 wrote: “She deserves it , w&sted nine months , at her age , they sent her to school to do this , mtchew.”

wendy_adamma wrote: “You Dey secondary school, you Dey misbehaveee.”

ovayozarh wrote: “So school officials seff Dey watch ceiling challenge 😂😂😂Nigeria na comedy.”

machidalooks wrote: “Why will you expel her cos of that? She wants to disgrace herself, then by all means! Did she wear a unit or attached to the university? Abeg!”

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taiwo_junzi wrote: “Aside Babcock, most of these private universities are extreme with their punishments.Expelling students over issues like this when you can sensitize and rehabilitate them.🤦🏽‍♂️”

inumidun_ wrote: “Happiest news I’ve heard, you do stupid things you win stupid prizes… keep it coming dear.”

roma_harts wrote: “If u go to Dubai u Will understand and have to respect dia rules to be in dia country. If u do otherwise, I will land in jail. It’s a simple logic. Madonna no beg u to be dia student, if u cannot follow dia rules, kindly leave or face the penalty, she even do the video inside Edeh room.”

Watch the clip below


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