Why Mohbad father refuses to bury his late son – Lagos State Police


Why Mohbad father refuses to bury his late son – Police

The Lagos State Police Command has revealed that they have informed the father of the deceased singer Mohbad to come for his corpse, but he is yet to do so.

This revelation comes after Mohbad’s mother, in a video shared online, cried out that her son’s corpse has been released to his father but he doesn’t want it to be reburied.


His corpse was eventually exhumed on September 21 for the autopsy. Though it’s been two months since the incident, the result of the autopsy has not been made public, and he is also yet to be reburied.

Well, a police source, who spoke to Linda Ikeji Blog in confidence, disclosed that they have notified the singer’s father, Mr Joseph, that he can come and collect his corpse, but he is yet to apply because he wants a DNA test to be conducted to determine if Mohbad is the biological father of his son, Liam.

The source said; “The body is in the morgue. It has not been released. It wouldn’t be released to you and you wouldn’t come and pick it. The hospital wouldn’t allow it.

Only the father can apply for the release of the corpse, only the father and the police has said any day he applies, he would get it immediately. We have told them, anytime they want it, just write an application but the father has refused to do that.

Technically, it is the father that is holding back. The father has said he is not taking it yet until they do DNA and that is their personal family problem. If the man writes today, of course it will be released and he must carry the corpse. You can’t write and keep it there. For who?”.


Recall that Mohbad passed away on September 12, was buried the next day, September 13. Following the controversy surrounding his demise, an autopsy was demanded for by Nigerians and his body was exhumed on September 21. It has not been reburied since then and the autopsy result is yet to be made public.

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Mr Aloba has repeatedly insisted that a DNA must be done to ascertain the true paternity of Liam, the seven month old son of late Mohbad and his wife, Wunmi.

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See reactions below;

honorablennazor: Why the DNA ? A child Mohbad accepted when he was alive. So if the dna comes out negative now it means Mohbad has no child to bear his name again ? This man need to think before talking. In my culture if a promising child like Mohbad die without a child they will even marry a pregnant woman or someone who has given birth already just to retain the name. This is the only thing we can use to remember him forever and this man is fighting against it.

tiwani___: After everything if Liam turns out to mohbad’s son I hope that man never set his eyes on him again, as in take him far away from him.


bedspreads_and_duvets: Let Wunmi release the boy for dna test now, if she is sure that Liam is mohbad’son.

ericaikince: Is DNA test a crime why are you all coming for the father.

thefoodnetworknig2: Blazing mehd at this point… DNA can be conducted using his or Moh’s mother’s samples na 🤦🏾‍♀️.

toryvillageblog: Th!ose of you s!aying why is wu!mni Sc!ared of doing DNA, una well so? Ho!w ma!ny tim!es ha!ve this sam!e Wumni agreed to do the DNA? But I’m sure people req!uesting for the DNA is waiting for her to use her own money and run the test. Did wumni tell any of you that she isn’t available to run a dna test with her son? If w!e open, go f!und me for the dna test. I hope those of you screaming DNA is a must , will contribute? Let Mohbad papa bring more or pay for the test so they can proceed for the dna. Wumni will bring her own pathologist, and the father will bring his own too. To confirm any of the hospitals it will be conducted doesn’t lie with the result. When that test is done, Wumni should change the sons name to Mohbads mother’s family name. When ur son was alive, you never advised him to run a test. Like the boy told you the child he has a tattoo of his name on his body isn’t his. Some papa will even be grateful the son Left his seed behind and take the child as their reward for the loss, whether na their own or not they don’t want to hear anything they will quickly claim that child as a remembrance of their son. But in this yoruba man case, greed and povertea wan Kilham. I knew yoruba were this wi!cked and backstsbbers. I never knew it existed between the cl!osest relatives.

macmoneybrother: If the father says he want DNA test, why is the Mohbad wife and and Mohbad mother against it. This Mohbad mum should be checked. She’s not a good mother. DNA that does take more than 48 hours. Why calling out your ex husband when what he asked for is very simple.

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