“Why I rejected request to meet with Davido” – OdumoduBlvck opens up


“Why I rejected request to meet with Davido” – Odumodu Blvck opens up

Popular Nigerian rapper Tochukwu Ojogwu, better known as Odumodublvck has stunned Nigerians by disclosing why he turned down a request to meet superstar singer, Davido in 2019.

He clarified that Davido’s fanbase consists mainly of Afrobeats fans, and he felt that his music wouldn’t resonate with them.


In a recent interview with the CTRL Room, Odumodu said that he instead decided to concentrate on musicians that aligned with his vision.

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The up-and-coming rapper highlighted that Teezee, BOJ, and Sholzy—whose sounds and styles closely resembled his own—were essential to breaking into the UK market.

Seeing the opportunity for global recognition, Odumodublvck made the decision to work with these musicians and establish his reputation in the UK music industry.


He said; “In 2019, someone said we should go to Lagos and meet Davido. But I was like, ‘What will Davido do for me?’ Even if Davido takes me to America and puts me on stage and I am rapping my stuff, his fans will not understand because they are Afrobeats fans.

But these guys: Teezee, BOJ, and Sholz, are the pipeline to the UK market. And those are the closest guys I sound like internationally. So why do not I follow that route to get to wherever I want to get to?.

I was like, I do not need Davido for anything now. Let me follow people who align with my vision. And that was how we just came together and we are here now. Number one in the country against all odds.”

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