‘Who are we deceiving?’ – Socialite Pretty Mike knocks Muslims who return to things they abstained from during Ramadan fast


Pretty Mike Ramadan fast

Controversial Nigerian socialite, Pretty Mike has slammed Muslims who deprive themselves of physical and worldly pleasure during Ramadan and return to them afterwards.

In a lengthy post on Instagram, Pretty Mike questioned the recent trend where people return to their old character after the fasting period.

According to Pretty Mike, it is deceitful and hypocritical to act in such a manner, adding that many Muslims are combining their religion with societal trends so it can suit their lifestyle.


In his word: “Ramadan Kareem Everyone, But this Ramadan that doesn’t sit well with me ooh, It’s meant to be a period of strict fasting. Not just depriving your body off food but also total abstinence from sxx, alcohol, narcotics or practically anything that would give you pleasure.

Let’s simply say the purpose of fasting during Ramadan is simply depriving oneself off physical and worldly pleasure from dawn to sunset for a particular period of time….Right ??? (Correct me if I’m wrong)…

Now, I’ve noticed a new trend. Once a day’s fast is completed, many folks are back to what they abstained from. Girls are back to hookups, guys are hitting the bottles, blvnts / patronizing call girls and at the break of dawn they are all back to being sanctimonious like nothing happened at those preceding hours before dawn.

Should it be like that? Who are we deceiving? Isn’t it deceitful and hypocritical to play that way? Which one is “Babe wait for me at the Hotel, I will soon break my fast.

I’ve always been a staunch admirer of the steadfastness of Muslims especially towards their religion but now it’s like many are just combining wokeness with Islam so that it can suit their lifestyles.

I don’t know what to make of it but for some odd reason it rubs me the wrong way….. With all due respect “I need to understand if this is the new Norm”.

Pretty Mike knocks Muslims who return to things they abstained from during Ramadan fast


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