“Very greedy man” – Nigerians call out Dangote for selling cement for N5200 in the country but sells at N1500 in Benin Republic

“Very greedy man” – Nigerians call out Dangote for selling cement for N5200 in the country but sells at N1500 in Benin Republic


Nigerians have taken to social media to call out billionaire Aliko Dangote for selling his bag of cement for N5200 in his own country but selling at N1500 in Benin Republic.

This is coming weeks after Billionaire Dangote Ignores Nigerians as he employed 11,000 Indians in his oil refinery.


A Twitter user identified as @drpenking called out Dangote for selling his bag of cement for N5200 in Nigeria despite the fact that the raw material is sourced locally in Nigeria.

According to the Twitter user, the billionaire needs to explain why he sells at a higher price in Nigeria but sells it at N1500 in seme, Benin Republic.

He tweeted; “Dangote cement is produced in Nigeria . The raw material is sourced locally in Nigeria at almost zero cost. Nothing is imported. Almost zero taxes yet the price of cement is 5,200 Naira in Nigeria and same is sold in Seme, Benin Republic at 1,500 Naira. Sit & Explain to me.”


Reacting to this, Nigerians expressed their displeasure at the billionaire Aliko Dangote as they criticized him and calls him all sort of names like, very greedy man, Monopoly boy, among others.

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See reactions below;

omoba_ofafrica: It’s high time Nigerians realize that people like Dangote are a very big problem to us than we can ever imagine.. Dangote is bleeding Nigerians and growing fat at our expense.. The investigation at CBN has shown how the former cbn governor has been selling billions of dollars to Dangote at a price way lower than the official rate, this is terrible.. It’s time Nigerian stand up to exploiters and BOYSCOTT ALL DANGOTE PRODUCTS.

_flexnelson_: If you look well we are our own problem.

georgina_chigozie_onuoha2: I have no respect for men like Dangote. They monopolize the economy and country because of their proximity to power. Sadly, ignorant people will celebrate them as billionaires.. forgetting that the field is rigged against ordinary Nigerians who should be equal competitors in the market. Zero respect for the so called “ Billionaires “ in Nigeria. Until we beginning to ask poignant questions like this person did, we will continue to celebrate greedy billionaires who are equally the architects of the pain Nigerians are experiencing. I love capitalism but vulture capitalism built on greed is the killer of innovation and growth.

bigkelvin_joseph: Very greedy man 😮.

samklef: Monopoly boy.

endylight1: Nigeria is one of the toughest countries to live in. You won’t know until you have taste of other places . If the government want the masses to get relief they know what to do. Will they ?

mikengr1: Dangote is the major person actually holding Nigeria to ransom. Just imagine! He benefits from the Nigeria system failure, the day this start working normally in Nigeria like a sane country just as it is in Europe, Dangote will go broke.

endylight1: The unexposed part of the story is that The raw materials are gotten in Kogi State, the industry is in Kogi state , everything is produced in Kogi (Obajana to be precised ) . But Cement is costlier in Kogi than in the Core North (Like Kano kaduna and other Northern States).😮.

cashmere104: He’s one of our biggest problem…Richest man in Africa kor, philanthropist ni.


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