Ola of Lagos reacts after being called out by Jet seller for inflating the price of private jet (Video)

Ola of Lagos reacts after being called out by Caucasian man for inflating the price of private jet from $2M to $16M (Video)

Popular content creator Ola of Lagos has reacted after being called out by popular Jet seller, Steve Varsono for for inflating the price of private jet from $2M to $16M.

In the trending video, Steve Varsano, CEO of the “The Jet Business” he accused him of overinflating the price of the private jet adding that all he said in the video was absolutely nothing but lies.


Ola of Lagos had advertised a Hawker 900 XP Jet which he claimed was the only type in the entire Nigeria and valued at $16M.

The Jet seller, Steve Varsono quickly debunked Ola of Lagos’s claims and stated that the jet is one of the oldest planes and is inexpensive, valued at only $2M-$5M.


He ended the video saying Ola of Lagos shouldn’t be doing airplane reviews anymore. Watch the video below here;

Reacting to the video of where he was called out by the Caucasian man via his verified Instagram page, Ola of Lagos accepted his mistake adding that the price he mentioned in the video was given by the client.

Ola of Lagos added that the video was made a year ago and he has learned from this mistake noting that we all learn everyday in our businesses.

He wrote; “To the trending video pls watch to the end and understand, thanks sir/ma 🙏❤️


Smile. If you follow my story well sir. you’d understa nd “wetin happen” We learn everyday and everything in life is a process.

This video is a year old and i was just starting to get better in my craft, had so much errors to to get perfected with which was why i couldn’t give the Jet a proper full review but now ‘’stop playing’’ lol.

So if you wake me from sleep I will properly review anything neccessary to get better everyday. BACK then, on the product prices that is what I was told sir/ma….”no be me dey conclude on price” lol …i use to ask every client I’m dealing with for the last price of their products before i start shooting the video cuz I don’t wanna appear unprofessional…so sir, if the price thing seems inflated isn’t my fault or my decision plus we learn life everyday 🙏 .

Am sorry if my info was passed wrongly. 🙏Apologies if am not able to explain this enough 🥺🙏 respect 🫡 🙌❤️ God bless y’all 🙏❤️

Sir @thejetbusiness I’m a big fan of yours right here, love what you do and I admire it so much…Thank you sir 🙏❤️🤴.”


Watch the video below here:

See reactions below;

daddyfreeze: Bro one thing I like you for is that you accept ur mistakes. You might not be good at car reviews but you are great at doing amazing adverts. Once in a while tho even if na once a year stand for road chase cars shouting it’s plenty we looove that 😂😂.

damos_wellness: My one and only Ola of Lagos is forever here to stay🙏🚀💯💯.


instigator_ph: My son !!! This shows how grown u are. Oyibo d watch u. U should be celebrating instead of explaining. Congratulations bro. U are global now.

maroke1415.wd: The man promoted you by noticing you , it’s a world stage now 👏.

cliquot_papi: Bro you should’ve just ignored him… silence is golden,no be everything dem dey explain… we understand perfectly well 💯.

mandy__chuks: No need to explain too much You’ve gone global bro..Grace 🌎 🙌❤️.

iam_aboki4real: So that fish na 5 million naira true true.


drbtgar: You be good and humbly guy. Life na experience, na only experience to make you bigger and prepare you for your next level you dey get with this. Higher and higher you will go, no downfall at all. ❤️.

CLASSIQUE wrote: “So ola of Lagos they lie 😂”

Khalid Scott 33 wrote: “Dem don finally cast Ola of Lagos😂😂😂😂.”

Obi kwest wrote: “Ola of Lagos is always over exaggerating his price.”

mhzte Ben wrote: “ola of Lagos no know say this guy don do this work before am 😂”


Francis Williams22 wrote: “Na our ola of lagos them dey wash like this o.”

Games theory wrote: “I have always said, Ola of Lagos has no idea how to review anything, be it car, house or anything.”

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