Mohbad’s mother and Wunmi are same, they sleep around – Singer’s aunt furiously claims [VIDEO]

Mohbad’s mother and Wunmi are same, they sleep around – Singer’s aunt furiously claims [VIDEO]

The elder sister of Mohbad’s father in a trending video calls out the later singer’s mother as she refers to her as a stup!d and usèless woman.

In the video making the rounds online, the woman fumes harder as she recalls how Mohbads mother got pregnant for another man and abandoned his first child Mohbad at the age of 8 and his siblings.


This reaction comes after Mrs Olumiyi, the mother of Mohbad in a video disclosed to all and sundry that Mohbad dad is the one holding back his body for burial as the Police have already the released the body of the late singer after the autopsy was conducted.

In another update, Police confirmed that Mohbad’s body has truly been released for Mohbad father to come out and take it upon request, however, the father refused to take it because he wanted DNA to be done on the singer’s child Liam.


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Reacting to the circumstances trailing Mohbad death and the attacks on Mohabd dad, the elder sister in a new video tackles Mohbad mother and his wife, Wunmi.


He berated Mohbad’s mother by disclosing her infidelity with another man which resulted in her getting pregnant for another man and left Mohbad and his two younger brothers at the age of 8, 3, and 2 with their father.

The woman goes hard on Mohbad’s mother for bonding with Wunmi making it all odds against Mohbad father. She stated that they are birds of the same father.

She said; “Mohbad’s mother got pregnant for another man & abandoned him when he was 8.”

Watch the video below



See reactions below;

holykimo: Lol see this woman calling someone stup*d usele** like she isn’t stup*d and *seles*. Well all these story no be new from a divorced home. If you from a divorced family I’m sure you can relate. The same way mohbad a baba family they call the mama useless is same way the mothers family will call the@papa useless… that’s not new to his at the end it’s no crime to marry someone else after the divorce and if the mother is that bad the son won’t have anything to do with her. So all those ones nah story.

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ugochi.eagle: We don’t need this info, put your own family in order first.

udnailz: Chai Wunmi should do a Dna test na. What’s all this emotional blackmail for. Just do a dna and stop making mohbads father to look like a bad man. No matter how you guys see it, mohbads father loves mohbad more than anyone of you dats why he was the one dat raised mohbad n didn’t abandon him like all of you did by showing fake love. AtLeast mohbads dad is not the person that kpai him. The k!!’!!!er is still out there WUNMI DO A DNA TEST HABA!!! With all the allegations leveled against you since this case started. Common do a DNA TEST.


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oyeniketia: Can we forget about this and let this poor boy test in peace. The son will grow up and read all this rubbish about his family. None of the family member has opolo, silent is Golden biko.

itzdamgold: We are looking for justice grandma you Dey discuss family matter 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️wetin be this.

temijosh_22: Family matters …honestly …don’t jus settle for love ….look into the family ..


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