“I’m not in Dubai, I’m in Nigeria” – One of the boys who announces Mohbad’s death finally speaks (Video)

“I’m not in Dubai, I’m in Nigeria” – One of the boys who announces Mohbad’s death finally speaks (Video)

“I’m not in Dubai, I’m in Nigeria” – One of the boys who announces Mohbad’s death finally speaks (Video)


One of the boys who was in the vehicle where late singer Mohbad’s de@th was announced has finally spoken.

Recall that on September 12th 2023, a video makes the rounds on social media where 3 boys inside a car were seen with the lifeless body of Mohbad.


The trio inside makes it known to all and sundry that 27-year-old Mohbad has been lost to the cold hands of de@th.

As part of justice for Mohbad, Nigerians have demanded that the boys need to be brought for questioning.

However, information making the rounds online alleged that one of the boys known as Fawas Ademola with dreads on his head had run away from the country to Dubai.


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However, during an Instagram live session with his followers, the boy denies claims he has fled Nigeria stating that he is presently in Lagos.

Watch the video below here

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beckycollection_: My own is what happened to Mohbad 24 hours before his death?why can’t you his friends explain to us,was he sick?was it headache,did he have a fight with somebody?what exactly happened now.

laurelfabrics_and_collection: I wish very dark man is the one questioning you guys,man is asking the right questions but hate don cover Una faces,

yusufakeem2023: Kem kem aji malt announced he was in Dubai when she forgot to take her medication after she ran away from yabaleft. She’s bn taken back to yabaleft and now responding to treatment gradually , sorry for any disruption this might have caused you.

adekaz_87: He has been interrogated already with others that’s what he told jistlover and jistlover told him to make a video to let the world knows he is in Nigeria not dubai that’s why he makes that video. Na aunty kemi okunloyo the investigative journalist isonu wan bring confusion.

ladyjasminec: Chia MoHbad , you sure say you go get Justice? This our system can’t be trusted and it’s saddening! Only God can truly Give you the Justice you deserve! Only God ! May they be tormented in all their hideout’s, whoever hands a hand, or even a finger , in your untimely death 🙏.

sabitalk1: I don’t TRUST all of you in capital letters 😭🙄🙄🙄🙄.

sinnless_boi: Will you all please ask what happen to mohbad before rushing him to hospital,these people are the main suspect.


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