Former security guards Happie Boys spotted entertaining guests at a club in North Cyprus (Video)

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Former security guards Happie Boys spotted entertaining guests at a club in North Cyprus (Video)

Former security guards, Happie Boys, spotted entertaining guests at a club in Girne North Cyprus this morning June 26.

Recall that the Happie boys made headlines earlier this month after they called out OPM pastor, Apostle Ugochinyere, who sent them on scholarship to Cyprus.

The boys claimed the clergyman abandoned them in the foreign land. They claimed he gave them money for the first six months after arriving Cyprus and has since stopped assisting them financially.

In his defence, the clergyman said he stopped sending them money due to the unavailability of dollars in Nigeria and had suggested to the boys to return home to continue their education in Nigeria or Benin Republic.

The boys however turned down the offer, saying they prefer to remain in Cyprus.

Captioning the video, it reads; See people wey them send go school.”

Watch the video below here:


See reactions below;

rollyswiss: But you guys asked them to hustle. Why are you shaming them now ? What do Nigerians really want ?

toryvillageblog: This is how they’ve been hustling that people concluded that they’ve been going to clubs and squandering all opm pastor sent to them. People are criticising them, if they dance, they curse them, if they do skit, they laugh at them telling them it’s not funny. These are boys trying their best to make ends meet in a strange country far from home. Yet they never do anything right. I pray these boys make it through legitly make shame catch wicked people of this world who called them ungrateful when there is a true story behind them and the opm pastor. #Clue posted on my Page highlight.

mheenarh__: They are hustling already, I guess they were paid to entertain the guests. God bless their hustle.

happie_boys1: If Your Body No Reach, No Put Body Come Cyprus o!🤡.

slickysandra_23: Must people always condemn, what if that’s their way of trying to make money? Let them breeeff abeg 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 en enh! They’re entertaining people and so what? Abeg make all of wuna rest in Jesus name Amen.

pelumjune: Entitled ingrates, typical of Igbo people. For those of you who doesn’t know how the other tribes see you, behold your traits as exhibited by one of yours to another of yours..

tchyzo_: That’s fine. If it will help them pay their tuition and bills. That’s the spirit.


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