#BBNaijaAllStars: Watch the moment Soma and Angel share first kiss together (Video)


Soma and Angel share first kiss together

Popular reality stars Angel Smith and Soma have captured viewers’ attention as they shared a tender moment, culminating in their first kiss together.

The heartfelt exchange took place during a cozy chat in the garden, setting the stage for a potentially blossoming romance in the show’s tumultuous environment.

The intimate moment unfolded when Angel and Soma were found lying together in bed, exchanging light-hearted banter and enjoying each other’s company.


During their conversation, Soma openly expressed his perception of Angel’s personality, playfully describing her as someone who can be unpredictable and “crazy” at times.

Intrigued by his characterization, Angel inquired further, seeking clarification on what he meant by her tendency to “switch up” on people.

In response, Soma candidly admitted that he had noticed her capacity to unexpectedly change her feelings or behaviors towards someone, which had sparked his curiosity.

Before making any moves, Soma made sure to prioritize respect and consent, a noteworthy aspect of their interaction.

He respectfully asked Angel if he could have a kiss, demonstrating a commendable attitude toward their budding connection.

The context of this momentous exchange is particularly significant, considering that Angel had previously declared her intention to leave the reality show following a heated altercation with another housemate, Ilebaye, just a few days prior.

As news of the kiss spreads among fans and followers of the reality show, social media has been abuzz with reactions, speculation, and well-wishes for the newly formed bond between Angel and Soma.

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