“You be idiot, go and hustle” – Carter Efe blasts VeryDarkBlackMan after Davido lodges him in an expensive hotel (Video)

“You be idiot, shame no catch you” – Carter Efe blasts VeryDarkBlackMan after Davido lodges him in an expensive hotel (Video)

Nigerian skitmaker and singer Carter Efe in a new video blasts activist VeryDarkMan following the way he gets overexcited after Davido lodges him in an expensive hotel in Lagos.

VeryDarkBlackMan has been one of the trending conversations online after Davido flew him from Abuja to Lagos and booked a luxurious multimillion-naira hotel suite room for him.


A video also trends online where VeryDarkBlackMan was seen in a super-excited state as he chills and parties all night with Davido and Cubana Chiefpriest.

Reacting to this, Carter Efe accuses VeryDarkBlackMan of always coming online to fool himself while adding that he needs to go and hustle.

The skitmaker slams the activist of always coming online to drag skincare product sellers and further said that he is using Mr Ibu’s health issue to chase clout.


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Davido, Obi Cubaba Chief Priest, VeryDarkMan

Carter Efe lambasts VeryDarkBlackMan as he asserts that he doesn’t have shame noting that he is happy because Davido who is of the same age as he is booked a hotel room for him.

Berating VeryDarkBlackMan further, Carter Efe stressed that if the activist singlet is soaked in water it will smell so hard while noting that hair is full in his armpit and he doesn’t bath.

Carter Efe said; “VeryDarkMan Go And Hustle, A Matured Man like you always coming online to f o o l yourself, I doubt if you even Bath at all, If they soak that your singlet inside water it will be smelling.”


Watch video below

See reactions below;

uncle_koke: We Nigerians are just too envious of ourselves, this is exactly what breeds unnecessary hate in society, u will never see such a thing in white societies. This right here is pure jealousy, and jealousy is the last class before u transit to witchcraft.

usendollar: If you genuinely love verydarkman regardless hit the like button ❤️.

softyenterprise: This is coming from a miscreant who dances with dirty pants and people also helped, why does he feel he has a voice to discredit another man’s hustle…..I’m so pissed… like who the fuck is this spitter to criticise another man….well he day try to trend sha.

mandy__chuks: Gather here if you know verydarkblackman progress go Dey vex all this celebrities 🤦‍♀️😂😂💔.

zeeeknow: I love VDBM! I don’t mind standing alone, but I pin 📌.

nnenna_blinks_: So what is the essence of all the !nsult and name calling. I’m sure the dashboard will be filled up with spittles. Imagine people telling you cater that you don’t have a good mouth hygiene and that your mouth Dey Smè-ll . You forget so soon . How you started from ground zero looking like a kwashiorkôr patient. Today you can call another man like you names because God decided to spice you up. Well that same God lifts Men. I believe he has started with who you are name calling.

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