Yhemolee files N200M lawsuit against Lil Frosh over alleged ašś@ult, revealed what really happened.

Yhemolee files N200M lawsuit against Lil Frosh over alleged assault

Nigerian actor and media personality, Yhemolee demands N200m in damages as he files lawsuit against up-and-coming singer, Lil Frosh.

In a conversation with OAP N6, Yhemolee sheds light on his encounter with singer Lil Frosh who called him out over alleged ass@ult.


Recall that Lil Frosh took to his Instagram story to assert that he recently had an encounter with Yhemolee, who slapped him at a recent event.

Expressing his frustration, the ex-signee of DMW Records mentioned that he had done nothing to provoke the actor’s action while he emphasized not knowing him.

Lil Frosh also announced in a subsequent post that Yhemolee should be held responsible if anything happens to him.


In a recent development, Yhemolee disclosed that he has been receiving multiple death threats from random people after he was falsely accused by the singer.

While sharing an attached letter from his Lawyer, the actor noted that he is clearly innocent of all allegations made against him by Lil Frosh.

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The actor stated that he is categorically innocent of all charges brought against him by Lil Frosh and shared a statement from his Lawyer.

Yhemolee wrote: “The past few days has been a whole lot as I have been falsely accused continuously by @lhilfroshgram which has led me to get multiple death threats from random people, my timeline has been a mess for over 72hrs for something I’m clearly innocent of.


“This is a pre-action notice to @lhilfroshgram. Attached letter from my lawyer is for your attention. #saynotobllying #saynotocltchasing”.

See the post below here:


However, OAP and rapper N6 who is obviously curious took to the comment section of Yhemolee to question him about the development between him and Lil Frosh.

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OAP N6 wrote; “I heard you didn’t lay a finger on him so I don’t get where his plenty false accusations was coming from? 🤔🤷🏽‍♂️😰.”

Responding Yhemolee wrote; ”I didn’t lay a finger! He was being rude to me, and I told whoever brought him that I won’t have this boy disrespect me any further not even at my own event? He has done it continuously for 3yrs but I have never spoken on it or confronted him ever but not at my event that I didn’t invite you and you didn’t buy table or you are a performing artist there so pls take your uncouth behavior out of here but I made sure I didn’t hit him or beat him up as he as accused me. I have gone through a lot mentally in the last 72hrs and I’ll make sure I fight him with every power and resources I have to make sure someone else doesn’t do the same thing to another Talent like me! This is all I do to feed my family!!.”

See screenshot of their exchange below;

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Yhemolee sheds light on his encounter with Lhilfrosh as he files N200M lawsuit against singer over false accusations

Another Instagram user identified as tessie_interiorscapes wrote; “You slap am abi you no slap am???.”

Yhemolee uttered; “NO I did not!! I have never bullied, hit someone or beat up anyone in all the years in my career. I’m not a fighter nor a cultist, I am Mr enjoyment and best in love. You would only find me where enjoyment and money is and of course BAYROCK!!”

See screenshot of the exchange below;


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