Why I don’t want a man that knows how to cook – Chef Hilda Baci discloses (Video)


I don’t want a man that knows how to cook – Chef Hilda Baci discloses (Video)

In a recent statement, popular Nigerian Chef Hilda Baci made it known to all and sundry that she doesn’t want a man that knows how to cook.

The Guinness World Record breaker who hails from Akwa Ibom State disclosed this in a recent episode of an audiovisual podcast known as “Cock Tails and Takeaways” hosted by Madam Joyce.


Expressing herself further, Chef Hilda Baci asserted that she doesn’t want a man that can cook because cooking is her hobby.

She added that she likes cooking so much and by extension, it is a way of expressing her love for someone she truly cares about most especially her man.

Backing up her point, Chef Hilda Baci who made headlines following her visit to the UK uttered that her friends known her for always sending food to them.

Chef Hilda Baci further added that her man can wake her up at midnight to prepare food for him and she would not hesitate rather she would fly to the kitchen to make him the food.

She noted that instead of a man to cook for her, she would prefer him to order her food. She noted that she will be in love with a man who doesn’t have a problem with ordering her food.

In her words; “I don’t want a man that knows how to cook, I don’t want it, I like cooking so much, my friends would tell you, like how Hilda would show you love, she will send you food, she would cook for you, that is one of the things I like to do for people I care about, especially for my man.

You an wake me up in the middle of the night and say, babe, I want a doughnut I want meat pie and I’m flying to the kitchen to make it for you, that is my thing, for me I want a man that can order me food. If you don’t have a problem ordering me food I’m in love with you.”

Watch the video below

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See reactions below;

beo.yes_: Why would a man even know road to kitchen? Na Igbo men started these moms£nse in the name of caring.

limestone100: Normally women who know how to cook doesn’t like men that know how to cook.

beo.yes_: Are there men who cook for their wives before? No wonder women got guts these days, women belongs to kitchen and why would a man do that, after marriage, never know road to kitchen.

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the_obeks: I mean. She’s a chef guys… we want to be able to give our best selves to our partners. It would suck if he is a good cook and that’s one of the best gifts she could give him. I don’t know if I framed this well but I hope y’all get what I’m saying.

houseofbliss.shoesandbags: I like men that eat whatever you cook for them that does not complain, you see men that knows how to cook ehn, they can complain for Africa… salt is not enough, pepper no reach, it’s too thick,allow salt and maggi enter the meat well and so on 😂😂wahala por.

jeffryprettypretty: God abeg, i want man that knows how to cook, everyone with wetin them want.

wendy_adamma: Omo !! Her choice tho I sha want a man that’s a chef if possible 😂.

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