“Which kind wahala be this” – Reactions as Nigerian man dumps his wife while returning from their church wedding in Ghana (Video)

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Nigerian man dumps wife church wedding 

A video has surfaced online where a Nigerian man created a scene as he dumps his wife while returning from their church wedding in Ghana and by extension sparked mixed reactions among netizens.

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In the trending video, the newlywed husband got social media abuzz as he calls for a break barely hours after tying the knot.

The reason for the decision, however, remains unknown as the wife struggled to get help while pleading profusely. Efforts from onlookers were futile as the middle-aged man insisted that he was done with the marriage on the spot.

Both the man and his wife refused to say the reason for the separation other than the latter rolling on the ground in her wedding dress.

A voice in the background could be heard saying, “Bros why nah calm down nah, wetin she do you now…he say he no dey marry again.”

Watch the video below:

See reactions below;

ahudaddy09: “the hand of God helped you dodge a deadly canon,Lady! Yes,it’s painful at first but soon a new thing will spring up for u that u will thank God for this disappointment turned blessing.”

gifted_felix02: “If nah me this girl nah to find one boutique change clothe go one place chop first before I go reason this thing”.

dimzcorner_: “Why disgrace her publicly? See, If this isn’t a skit or a spiritual manipulation, then, no matter what his reasons are, he could have waited till they got home and dissolve it amicably between her and his in-laws. Haba! Maturity and emotional intelligence is not by age and physique oo! May God really help us”.

enetimi_sheila: “Street in laws… noticed the guy lying down at the end of the video the highest level of mind my business.”

oni_of_atlantaga: “The man say him nor do again Na by force who’s that man saying bros why nah why nah are the one who’s facing what he’s facing? Or na you wan run their home for them Naawaaooo for people sha”.

leaddyskincare: “He probably found out she was hiding something,wanted a pound of flesh,played along and got back at her”.

the_real_chestnot: “Which kind of emotional trauma is this! If you knew it was gonna be this way, why then did you accept her in your misery life?”.

resatabot: Some men sha. “Why didn’t he say no before the wedding day or even while in church on the wedding day? He had to wait, he said “i-do” then drive till they got to a busy place, a market place fa! Before his useless self said NO! This is some of the reasons some ladies call men a “scum”. After dem go dey vex say ladies call them scum! Is this behaviour not that of a scum?!!”

roma_harts: “Bfore y’all start judging the guy, hear e own side of the story, maybe he just got to know something from her past”.


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