“We are waiting for you to arrest Cute Abiola” – Nigerian Soldier dares Police (Video)


“We are waiting for you to arrest Cute Abiola” – Nigerian Soldier dares Police (Video)

An unidentified man, alleged to be a soldier, has issued a warning to the Nigeria police force, advising them against punishing the Nigerian comedian, Cute Abiola, over a viral video featuring him wearing a police costume in a comedy skit.

Earlier, the Nigeria police force had publicly stated their intention to investigate Comedian Cute Abiola, accusing him of portraying the force in a negative manner.


This announcement was made through a statement signed by the Force Public Relations Officer, Olumuyiwa Adejobi.

His statement, “In as much as the law grants Nigerians the right to enjoy their fundamental human rights, the same law prohibits an individual, under whatever guise, from rubbishing the police institution or grossly violating its provisions with regards to the use of uniforms.”

“We, therefore, vehemently condemn the contemptuous act displayed by comedian Abdulgafar Abiola, popularly known as “Cute Abiola,” in two recent skits posted on his social media handles on 20th and 24th July 2023.”


“The skits in question show a highly disrespectful and derogatory portrayal of the police uniform, an action that is in direct violation of Section 251 of the Criminal Code and Section 133 of the Penal Code Law.”

“Such acts are not only offensive but also undermine the integrity and dignity of the men and women who wear the uniform in service to the nation.”

“Abdulgafar Abiola will be investigated and possibly prosecuted for his deliberate acts as the NPF had already warned skit makers and filmmakers to desist from desecrating their uniform or accoutrements.”

“The Force is committed to upholding the sanctity of the uniform and will pursue due legal process to ensure accountability for any individual or entity that seeks to bring disrepute to the uniform or the institution it represents.”

“We call on all members of the public, including media personalities, to exercise their freedom of expression responsibly and avoid engaging in actions that could erode public trust in our revered law enforcement institutions.”

Several days later, an individual claiming to be a soldier disclosed that the comedian, Cute Abiola, remains connected to their ranks despite no longer being an official member of the force.


This statement from the alleged soldier has sparked reactions, with various individuals expressing their opinions on the matter in the comment section.

See some reactions below:

mario_of_lagos001: “Abiola Nah Federal walahi the guy is so good loving and caring a respectable young man who helps needy and poor he is far better than the President, una dey jealous hin rank Nah Ogun go kill una instead of making sure the police re well satisfied and their salary is stable una go dey enter wetin no concern una Papa.”

yobigpuff: “I don see when soldier give popo slap for junction. Twas an epic sight.”

blessing_ozegbe0: “This people wants to escalte this thing. Una no dey tire for vawulence??”

iam_mykriss_: “Wetin dem talk self no touch Cute Abiola In anyway because he know say na play dem dey. Make those Police try go Arrest am first I wan see something.”

iam_rasz: “Dem think sey nah civilian comedians wey dem dey arrest.. No man dares!”

obaksolo: “Army no dey Joke with there men. Me wey be Ex Boy self I still dey get invites.”


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