#BBNaijaAllStars: “They gave her the game” – Video shows how CeeC, Cross and others reacted to Ilebaye winning BBN All-Stars (Watch)

“They gave her the game” – Video shows how CeeC, Cross and others reacted to Ilebaye winning BBN All-Stars (Watch)

A video showing CeeC, Cross and other finalists reactions after Ilebaye was announced the winner of the BBNaija All Stars edition stirs mixed reactions online.


Recall on October 1st 2023, GbExtra Blog reported that Ilebaye Odiniya was announced as the winner of BBNaija season 8 tagged All-Stars.

Ilebaye was announced as the winner after defeating other finalist that include Mercy Eke, CeeC, Adekunle, Pere and Cross.

However, the announcement of Ilebaye as the winner of BBNaija All Stars has been massively trailed with mixed reactions, while some said she won based on playing the victim card, being underestimated among others, others claim that she actually deserves it when compared to other housemates.

However, the background video that surfaced online shows shows how CeeC, Cross, Adekunle reacted to Ilebaye pocketing the N120M grand prize.

According to them, the organizers of BBNaija gave Ilebaye the game.

Watch the video below (swipe to view more) here;

See reactions below;

neoma_o: I am tired of the whole pity vote narrative with this girl. She was bullied. That is the bigger issue that no one seems to care about. Nigerians stood up for her against the constant bullying. Bullying is terrible and should not be condoned. Don’t think people voted solely because of her tears, other people cried too but she was spoken about like she wasn’t deserving to be in that house with them.

zinny_celin: This show is too toxic! Gosh! Why video their reaction?? Are they supposed to be jumping for joy after losing 120m to another person?? I don’t get why this video was made😮.

evelynuma_223: I am very happy she won and it pained them all very well. Next time, u guys will learn not to look down on who u think u re more than. It’s viewers that voted her to win, we all saw her u guys were humiliating her like a nobody. Madam I will make sure I give her the third strike was evicted before her and ilebaye became the winner. Even the one that believed she has people that will stand for her to make sure she win boasting about it didn’t win. God works in his own well, he is God and when u think he blessing u is to intimidate who is not like u, he makes who u least expect takes what u think befit u. All of u in that house were not having money before, but because ilebaye was not like them, they forgot anyone can grow just they way they did, rather they were talking as if, decisions of affairs of ones life is in their hands, life is beyond what u people think u were, i am very happy u all lose and she won. E go pain Una till una accept truth.

pearl_mara: Oh my sweet baby baye😍..winner well deserved…mercy and cece obviously had legs in d production team checking d results 😂😂na y it obviously leaked, cux d saw d margin was incomparable 😂yall should move on…she deserves her win.

_meenahx: They were evicted from the game,do you expect them to be happy🙄🙄.

prettyjovitaa: They just use this ceec mercy and other house mates and later gave the win to ilebaye. What’s the fuck is the video? How do u want them to react before? Okay we are in a game and a manipulating cunny person emerge as winner and u want those who loose to be happy?. At that particular time they were evicted u don’t expect them to fake it like una weener. Abeg Nigerians rest. This Ilebaye shows the mentality of the average Nigerian youth, you ppl really deserve what you government are doing to yall. This is an all-star show for crying out loud.

teenuola: Can you imagine , “they gave her the game” meaning? Didn’t we see how people were rooting for her out here? Why are humans like this? They always find an excuse to console themselves for their loss. That’s how Alex said she gave her spot in the finals to cross, when we know how cross got there. White Money too said his team sold his votes and that’s why he didn’t win. At this point it’s annoying, why can’t you people accept defeat? Why can’t Ilebaye win the show! Why? Isn’t she human ? All these housemates have really looked down on her so much that she not being the winner would have given them more room to say “I told you”. They were slowly becoming Frenemies and God created a table before Ilebaye in their presence. This year, Ilebaye had a strong force outside the house and we all were not too blind to see it. As long as everyone were in that house, they all deserved to win, but people outside are the ones who will decided that by choosing who thy like the most. We already saw Ilebaye’s win coming nevertheless.


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