“This lady is m!ser@ble” – Caramel Plugg under fire for arresting vendor who calls her out for not giving her credit (Video)

“This lady is miserable” – Caramel under fire for arresting vendor who calls her out for not giving her credit (Video)

Popular Instagram influencer, Caramel Plugg is presently under fire on Twitter after arresting the vendor who calls her out for not giving her credit in his viral interview.

Recall that Caramel becomes one of the trending conversations online following her interview where she fails to give credit to a Nigerian cloth vendor but was effortlessly seen mentioning international brands name.


The video did not sit well with some internet users and started dragging the Caremel as being wicked.

However, the vendor who is pained reached out to a Twitter influencer identified as @ManLikeIcey who claimed that the vendor had reached out to him to share her side of the story.


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According to Icey’s post, the vendor had given Caramel the outfit for free and had asked her to tag her in the video. However, Caramel allegedly failed to do so and instead tagged another brand.


See the viral video and the vendor complaint post below:

The above post generated a lot of reactions from netizens, with many expressing their disappointment at Caramel’s behavior.


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Following extensive dragging and heavy backlash, Caramel has decided to arrest the vendor who called her out few days ago over the free cloth issue.

Watch the moment Caramel arrested her below



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