This is rubb!sh – Mixed reactions as Tolanibaj called Ilebaye a “Wh0re” while sleeping Neo Energy, chases her out (Video)

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Tolanibaj chase Ilebaye and Neo while sleeping

BBNaija season 8 All Stars is getting interesting as a recent video involving Tolanibaj, Neo Energy and Ilebaye is currently trending online.

In the viral video, Tolanibaj was in the same room with Neo and Ilebaye during the night and that was just the beginning.

Neo and Ilebaye were on the same bed trying to get cozy and suddenly Toloanibaj who is next to them suddenly removed the blanket from them.

Tolanibaj chase Ilebaye and Neo while sleeping, chases her out (Video)

Tolanibaj further dished out her anger on Ilebaye referring to her as a b!tch and should get out of the room.

In her words; Go to your room, “I don’t want you to sleep next to me, I don’t like your energy is a full sentence.”

She further threatens to end her friendship with Neo if Ilebaye refuses to leave the room.


Watch the video below (Swipe to view more);

See reactions below;

gracefully_scribed: 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I don laugh tire. I have never seen this in the entire history of bbn – somebody being uprooted from a man’s bed! Baye needs to be protected at all cost. Whether we like it or not, she is giving us a show from morning till night 🤣.

similoluwa_0919: Madam friendship you dey craze. You will later watch Ilebaye from your screen just wait and see, the same Tolani that turned to witch craft cos of Prince and Neo😂 nothing Musa eye no go see for BIG BROTHER 🏠 alot of people played that same game, so why can’t she play it too? You fit tell Blue aiva, Angel, Khosi to get out 😂 make dem no give you your size OZUOR..

chioma_vivian4: Baye must be in that house for more drama. l love what am seeing, all my vote is going for her.

tracyangwabu: Please Let’s vote for ilebaye!!…I can’t with this bullying!! Who send me there ehh😩😩😩 Let me teach the lesson “age is just a number”… Old desperate chicks are mad they not getting the attention they want and she is bold enough to do it.

antagonisticmama: My problem with Nigerians is that they hype nonsense a lot and protect is too,Elebaye is not treating her integrity😍 well,she brings a lot of disrespect to her selves from her nasty actions,too much nah,this was the same reason she didn’t last in her season and even when she provoked almost everyone and was getting a lot of hate from the housemates her foolish fans were deceiving themselves just they are now that she is giving contents,which content?for some of us she irritate our 😮screen,the housemates will so nominate her back to back her foolish fans had better strength of tacha’s fans else she will go home as soon as eviction becomes real.

daidee18: This is bully sincerely it’s all shades of wrong Tolani picked of illebaye because obviously she’s the only one that can give her highlights …..ilebaye needs to get a grip of herself ……Neo is not just a real man 🫢.

iampam_chiy: This is rubbish. Though the pple in the room, according to her planned it but this is totally wrong. You do not walk a fellow being out of a room like that. She is not in your father’s house, neither is she in your house. Both of you are in Biggie’s house. You have no right to walk Ilebaye out of that room. As long as the person she’s on the bed did not complain period. Biggie should in fact give her a warning. Ilebaye is an adult. If she wants to play with men, it’s nobody’s business. This is pure bully o!! Ganging up bcos we don’t like the person. Angel did the same in their season, yet everyone loved her. Termed her a player. That she is playing the guys by sleeping in their different beds. She was applauded and loved. Why are we then attacking Ilebaye pls?? It’s hypocrisy!!! Both of you are guests and equal in that house. If Neo didn’t complain, when slut shaming another person??? Calling her a hoe, different names etc. Yet when Sammie did that to Angel, we all frowned at him. I literally was mad. Not funny and not acceptable. Tolani is very wrong and as a matter of fact, all shades of wrong. Tolani herself, was all over Prince, slept on Prince bed most nights in their room but none of them walked you out and asked you to walk the walk of shame. It was extreme and totally wrong. If she’s in love with Neo, she should say it pls period.


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