“Stop giving us bad names” – Actress, Jaiye Kuti lambasts senior colleagues begging fans for money (VIDEO)


“Stop giving us bad names” – Jaiye Kuti lambasts senior colleagues begging fans for money (VIDEO)

Popular Actress, Jaiye kuti has condemned the trends of Nollywood veterans crying for help online.

Over the years, many entertainers, especially veterans, have come to the public space to beg for financial assistance to take care of their health, family and other responsibilities.


In recent times, Yoruba movie Veterans like Iya Gbonkan, Pariolodo, Lalude, Baba Alapini, amongst others have pleaded with their fans to help them with homes and cars.

And luckily for them, their fans have come to their aid, with some buying them houses and cars; while others doled out cash gifts.

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Reacting, Jaiye Kuti, on a live video, strongly criticized her colleagues who resort to soliciting money from fans on social media platforms.

She accused them of tarnishing the reputation of their fellow actors in the Nollywood community.

The acclaimed actress also rallied in support of the Theatre Arts and Motion Pictures Practitioners Association of Nigeria (TAMPAN), asserting that the film industry body is incapable of extending assistance to every individual in need.


Jaiye, in the clip, implied that certain veteran actors who have sought financial aid from fans may have recklessly wasted their earnings on unimportant and trivial things during their younger days. Consequently, these financial choices are now impacting them adversely in their later years.

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The 54-year-old added that the film industry has played a significant role in shaping her into the person she is today, and she passionately implored her colleagues to cease tarnishing their collective reputation.

She said in parts; “All the yoruba actors coming on Instagram to beg should stop giving us bad names. This job doesn’t have pension so when you are young and active, you need to prepare for the future.

This job is a success for me because I earn big and I am already preparing for my future. You can’t make it compulsory for your colleague to give you money when you are sick.

What is the business of TAMPAN with an actor that is sick? Someone has to speak up. When your colleagues were training their children, what were you doing with your money?”.



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