“God pun!sh you” – Singer Tiwa Savage tells Davido via DM on Instagram as their chat, voice note gets leaked


“God punish you” – Singer Tiwa Savage tells Davido via DM on Instagram as their chat gets leaked

A chat involving popular Nigerian singers Tiwa Savage and Davido as they were involved in a heated exchange via DM on Instagram has been leaked online.

Recall GbExtra Blog reported that Tiwa Savage and her former bestie Davido are no longer in cool terms as they unfollowed each other on Instagram.


Reports making the rounds online confirmed that this comes as a result of Tiwa Savage’s relationship with Davido’s first babymama Sophia Momodu who has been ranting online calling out the singer for being a deadbeat father.

The matter further escalated online after Tiwa Savage’s ex-hubby Teebillz tackled Davido as he accused him of disrespecting Tiwa, the mother of his son adding that the singer has bullied her on three different occasions.

Also after being threatened with the use of boys against her by Davido, Tiwa Savage files a lawsuit against the singer stating that if anything happens to her or her family Davido should be held responsible.


However, the Instagram chat between Tiwa Savage and Davido that leaked online show that all is not well with Tiwa Savage and Davido as they were seen dragging each other.

In the DM, Davido messaged Tiwa Savage and told her to warn her friend who happened to be his babymama Sophia not to mention her late son Ifeanyi again.

Tiwa Savage responded; “Can I call you?”.

And Davido responded with a voice note that does not sit well with Tiwa Savage who responded by calling Davido a evil adding that he was the first person at the hospital when he son passed away last year..

Davido blasts Tiwa Savage for mentioning Ifeanyi name again and further threatened her.

Tiwa reacted; “You are fvucking mad, try it when you see me, God punish you, pls come try it when you see me.”


See the exchange between Tiwa Savage and Davido below (swip to view more) here;

See reactions below;

dondon_cruz12: Davido is not really at fault on this..You dey remind am of his past predicament or including his son in the story and baba said you shouldn’t..The next thing you carry am come internet…He still said he will respect you because of someone but yet you dey swear for am..Women ☕️…..Pls note i am not being judgmental.

noiree_09: Regardless of the situation Tiwa shouldn’t have brung up Ify. If u was there for me be there but don’t throw that in my face it’s hurtful.

adababy902: You guy’s that are saying tiwa is a fool do you know what davido said in voice note that made her talk about ifeanyi . Can we Nigeria learn to understand people feel’s not just about favorite’s.

ugonma_nlewedim: Here’s my observation of what probably happened. 1. Sophia made a post where Imade was saying she felt disappointed and was alone after Ify passed. 2. Davido felt sophia made that post intentionally because of their issues and asked Tiwa, their mutual friend, to tell sophia to leave ify out. 3. Tiwa asked davido to call, but he left voicenote that he’s in dubai and can’t do whatsapp so they’ll talk when he returns. 4. A phone call probably happens where Davido expresses his frustrations and Tiwa tried to mediate. 5. After expressing his disdain with sophia’s post, Tiwa takes a picture with sophia, implying solidarity with her. 6. Davido feels taunted, especially after he probably opened up to Tiwa about the situation. 7. Davido starts yabbing his mouth to their mutual friends and telling them to warn Tiwa. 8. Tiwa dms Davido about how he’s evil and how she’s been there since Ify’s passing. 9. Davido feels slighted again and tells her to never mention his son again. He sends a voice note probably warning her of that.10. Issue escalates and their mutual manager tells Tiwa that Davido had been insulting and threatening her. 11. Tiwa files a petition. This is all a big misunderstanding that could’ve easily been solved if both parties were mature enough. Ego is heavily involved.

i_am_emmysunday11: If you anyone of you have sense at all …… you’ll see that some chats from DAVIDO are missing. But if you no get sense you go use this one take conclude say na TIWA dey at fault. Obviously he said something to warrant her to say “ try it” I’d like to see you try it in person “ . DAVIDO obviously said something there but e don delete am . If you like no get sense .

ranardo18: @cutie_jullss So you haven’t realised that Davido unsend some of his messages? It cannot be me alone that notices how the convo went from Davido saying he’s only respecting her because of Jamil to Tiwa saying Davido should try it when she sees her in person. Clearly, something was said for her to reply in that manner.

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