“Primeboy k!lled Mohbad because he was jealous of him and Mohbad’s wife knows about it” — Singer HK Plutorious alleges

Primeboy killed Mohbad because he was jealous of him and Mohbad’s wife knows about it — Singer HK Plutorious alleges

A Nigerian singer known as HK Plutorious has taken to social media where he alleged that Primeboy is the one who k!lled Mohbad.

He made this known today, October 6th 2023 via the insta-stories section of his official Instagram page.


This comes days after the Lagos State Police Command declared Primeboy wanted in connection with Mohbad death and surrendered himself to the police.

He further tells the Police that they have found the killer already while adding that Primeboy k!lled Mohbad because he was jealous of him and Mohbad’s wife knows about it.


Singer HK Plutonic said that Primbeoy and Mohbad’s wife know about the de@th of the late singer and he is willing to assist in the ongoing investigation with the Police.


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Singer HK Plutorious wrote; ” Nigerians you all are finished. Better follow up with the police so they can find the truth from PrimeBoy, Because he’s the one that k!lled mohbad. And Nigeria can’t see the truth because of too many socialite using this situation as a opportunity to become famous.

I refuse to be trap by the juju done by PrimeBoy and every suspect so nobody can find out the truth. @nigeriapoliceforce It’s a simple mathematics you found your k!ller already.

Do your damn job!!! him know Wetin do mohbad. And god won’t let that PrimeBoy go free with his evil. Amen A #justiceformohbad.”

See screenshot below;


Primeboy Mohbad Wife suspects

He added; “Prime Boy is a jealous lover and hater in mohbad’s live but mohbad didn’t act smart on him, because he’s scared of losing his friendship. PrimeBoy don fuck mohbad girl or he was making his moves on her and she knows about it. Mohbad can see it but felt too weak on acting as a man is supposed too.

PrimeBoy constantly h@ting and planning on how to have what mohbad has archived, before the f!ght with PrimeBoy and mohbad, Prime Boy don already put substance on mohbad drink and then find a way to quickly leave mohbads presence. That was PrimeBoy manipulated the couple’s into fighting so he will escape @nigeriapoliceforce if you need my assistance I will help prove to the world that PrimeBoy and Mohbad girl are hiding the truth.

The truth is mohbad girl knows that PrimeBoy is jealous and want mohbad things. Like he’s girl, lifestyle and so he can become famous, she knows mohbad and Prime Boy may even be having some character similarities. She knows why mohbad was fighting PrimeBoy a day before he’s de@th. So in order to know the truth arrëst mohbad girl for questioning about PrimeBoy and Arrest PrimeBoy for mürder.

Mohbad Wife Primeboy suspect


In case you missed it, swipe below to listen to what Primeboy said about the de@th of his childhood friend, Mohbad.

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