Photographer’s dey enjoy oh” – Mixed reactions as lady goes br@less during photoshoot (Watch)

Photographer’s dey enjoy oh” – Video trends as lady goes braless during photoshoot (Watch)

A video of a lady undergoing a photoshoot has surfaced online and by extension generated several reactions among netizens.

Photoshoot is a kind of photo session that is carried out nowadays by people most especially ladies.


While most of these ladies passed through photoshoots to celebrate their birthdays, weddings, naming ceremonies, and engagements among others, some are using it as an opportunity to bring out their indecency online all in the name of fashion.

However, in the clip making the rounds on social media, a middle age lady goes br@less during a photoshoot.


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The lady was seen only in her trouser and was shirtless exp0sing too much of her skin in the process.

With her hands wrapped around the bosom cavity, the lady shows off her angles and even makes use of a guitar in one of her poses.

The male photographer was also seen telling her how to pose while taking pictures of her during the photos session in the studio.

Watch the video below here


See reactions below;

dayoogedengbe: Somebody’s future “Love of his life”.

ugo_judith: I’m this life always apply some shame If not for urself but for ur family members.

lyndafelix: Let it drop sis. Don’t hold it. You’re already naked, complete it. Ifele eme 🤦🏻.

enpreshcollections: Photographers see a lot of nak*d bodies these days compared to doctors. No lies!


delicious_manna: 😢😢😢 God have mercy on this woke generation…. Shey der family no dey online or na Dem no get shame … wahala.

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agboolajuwon: Make I con go learn Photograpy 🥳.

oluwareallyyemisi: We are getting there,since the intestines are the only private parts of the body ✌️.

ladymillieoffical: U cAme to the studio to take photos down is closed up is open, why cover the nipples with Ur hands, anyway low self esteem causes this sort of disgusting outlook


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