“Nothing dey here, it is very boring” – Nons Miraj informs Nigerians eager to travel to U.K. (Video)

Nons Miraj informs Nigerians eager to travel to U.K

Popular Instagram skit maker, Nons Miraj has taken to Instagram to inform those who are eager to travel to UK that it’s boring and not as interesting as Lagos.

The popular skit maker notified Nigerians of this alongside a friend in a video while they were in UK. She said the won’t be coming there again as the place is very boring for her taste.


Nons Miraj informs Nigerians eager to travel to U.K

Nons Miraj claims that everything is so tranquil, and she misses the customary turmoil that characterizes Lagos, such as public fights and the sale of food and other products in traffic.

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She stated that the only place a person can purchase whatever they need was at the supermarket; unlike Lagos where one could buy something by the roadside.


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