Netizens dig out videos that reveal why Isreal DMW’s ex-wife Sheila refers to him as a slave of Davido (Watch)


Netizens dig out videos that reveal why Isreal DMW’s ex-wife Sheila refers to him as a slave of Davido (Watch)

Netizens have dug out videos that revealed why Isreal DMW ex-wife Sheila Courage refers to him as a slave of Davido.

Isreal DMW, the logistics manager of popular Nigerian singer has been one of the trending conversations online as he announces the end of his 1-year marriage with his wife Sheila.


In the post, Israel DMW shares receipts as he disclosed that his wife never appreciated his effort towards her since they got married in October 2022 as he asserts that she only married him for the sake of his popularity with Davido.

Isreal DMW disclosed that Sheila has packed from the house since August 2023 and further disclosed the ex-wife and her mother fully extorted him.

He noted that following their marriage his wife started raising started as he accused him of always begging his boss Davido for money. He added that his wife addressed as Davido’s slave.

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An excerpt from Isreal DMW statement reads; “She now wakes up to tell me that i derive dignity in begging my oga, and that i am fully a slave and that am disgracing her on social media….”

Following this, netizens throw weight behind Isreal DMW’s ex-wife Sheila claims as they dig out videos of Isreal DMW classless nature of always prostrating for Davdio, hailing him and drumming bell at the singer’s London 02 arena show, among others.


Watch videos below (swipe to view more);


See reactions below;

iamtrinityguy: All this things is normal to me,I can’t even do more than this,it’s shows the love isreal has for davido ❤️❤️❤️.

nohpheesat: Israel built a fantastic life for himself based on grov elling. There are many Nigerians who do it for a living and get paid less . If you want to get married to him, I believe you should know and accept that it is his job.

kofo_of_buj: Is she okay?????? It’s a question oooo…. She saw all of these before they got married, in fact it’s the money they used for their wedding, yes she wants him to grow, invest and be able to stand on his own but you can’t force him to change, he’s a man, stroke his ego, talk to him gently, show him what he can be… not that you’ll be insulting him.


cashbenkid: Na that thing wey him take do give am money take marry you put you for house.

xpensive_fatima: Na Davido be the girl target…. She no just succeed ni .. trust woman at your own risk shaa 😹 Note: don’t attack me I say hurtful things for a living.

bi_benard: Thesame people when in*sult happy boys for being ungreatful, are in*sulting Israel for being too greatful and loyal. Shame on every one saying that.

_iampman: Shebi na person husband dey do bouncer na where man dey work na em dey chop. I bliv this is not the actual reason tho.

ladyque_1: I think is more about his character. Imagine locking your wife outside because she went to salon.

mandy__chuks: His mumu behavior brought him this far Knowing and being with Davido alone is a big time job 🙌❤️.

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