“My baby, the only woman that can come close” – Rare video of Mr Ibu sweet-talking Jasmine (Watch)


“My baby, the only woman that can come close” – Rare video of Mr Ibu sweet-talking Jasmine

Jasmine Chioma, the adopted daughter of Nollywood actor, Mr Ibu attempts to clear her name of the allegations levelled against her by Mr Ibu’s wife, Stella Maris.

In doing this, she shared a video capturing the moment she and Mr Ibu were spotted in the hospital.


Mr Ibu who appeared to be placed under an intensive care unit could be heard hailing Jasmine, saying she is the only woman who can come close to him.

He further used a pet name on her, describing her as ‘ my baby’. In turn, Chioma Jasmine spoke positively about Mr Ibu’s life, stating that it was well with him.

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Captioning the video, she wrote: “As long as you appreciate everything I do, you never done anything directly to hurt me! I will never let them define me. “

Check out the video below here

In related news, amid accusations about conniving and stealing Mr Ibu’s donations, Jasmine told her side of the story.


This comes after she shared a video of herself on IG after a long while.

She wrote: “Dear Social media judges and magistrates, comment section is open for you as usual…..”

A netizen subsequently posed a direct question, asking if she had stolen any sum from Mr Ibu’s donations.

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In a candid response, Jasmine reiterated her denial of any wrongdoing, emphasizing that not a single penny was stolen by her.

She confidently invited legal scrutiny, expressing a belief that the truth will prevail when the matter is brought before the court.

What was particularly intriguing about Jasmine’s response is her assertion that even the accuser is aware of the veracity of her claims.

According to her, the narrative has undergone a transformation, shifting from accusing her of outright theft to suggesting collusion.


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This shift in the accuser’s stance raises questions about the credibility and consistency of the allegations against Jasmine.

The decision to let the court adjudicate the matter shows Jasmine’s confidence in the legal system to objectively ascertain the truth.

In doing so, she aims to clear her name from any perceived wrongdoing and restore her reputation.

Only time will tell how the legal proceedings will unfold and whether the truth, as Jasmine asserts, will indeed come to light in the court of law.

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