MUSIC: In Time By Àre

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In Time By Àre

‘A Nesting Doll of Nostalgia

“In Time” is the first expression of a persistent and intentional journey. It’s a deeply personal time-capsule of creative becoming. In its attempt to capture our daily struggle with purpose, love, and the same sense of patriotism, it reveals our underbelly, and splays the mishaps of our leaders.

The journey of the album starts with a timeless social activists speaking to the lack of leadership on the African continent.


In Time By Àre

The middle contemplates on never ending relationships, situations, and gratitude, setting the tone for the end of the album which exhibits the clear strides our beautiful continent must still make.

In pursuit of addressing these topics a radical mix of music movements and genres was created in this album – it is Àre’s way of telling a story everyone will identify with.

You’ll find elements of Jazz, Afrobeat, Hip Hop, Reggae, Fuji, and RnB artistically expressed throughout the EP. Throughout this journey, you’ll catch yourself caught up in lines that ignites memories and evoke familiarity with experiences we have all been marked with.


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