I’ve never toasted a woman in my life – Actor IK Ogbonna (Video)


I’ve never toasted a woman in my life – Actor IK Ogbonna (Video)

In a recent statement, popular Nollywood actor IK Ogbonna made it known to all and sundry that he has never toasted a woman in his life.

IK Ogbonna made this disclosure during an interview on Petite Talk Show. IK Ogbonna who is 39 years old revealed that he has never toasted any woman in his entire life.

He explained that the reason for this was because he had always had a lot of female friends and the relationship he had usually began from friendship into something serious.


However, he did confess to flirting with his ex-wife, Sonia Morales, on Instagram before they transitioned from acquaintances to friends and eventually became a couple.

His words: “As funny as it may sound, I’ve never toasted a girl in my life. I don’t know how to do it. It’s not about being a fine boy.

“I think I grew up around people. I had so many female friends at the same time. And most of my relationships always started from friendship. We are friends, we start liking ourselves. It entered relationships.”

Watch him speak below (Swipe to view more) here;

See reactions below;

otorroseline: Are you that fine😏 Abi no be this same you.

mizkimoraprecious: If man no Dey toast woman, e fit dey toast man ohhh.

oghenerume_razz: Y’all might think he’s talking bull, but some men are actually like this. We get a lot of women but it’s just a transition from pure friendship to something else. No asking out was involved.


iameniolamyde: No wonder your hairline left you for it’s own peace of mind . Lori iro kabiti!

thefoodnetworknig2: Hear me out, that frontal is distracting me 😩.

olayinkasolomon01: If you don’t understand him say hi let me explain better 😂😂😂


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