Interview: African Royalty Approaches The Music Throne

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We caught up with African royalty Princess Sylfronia King Eze to learn about her journey as an artist. We discovered interesting facts about the Princess. Here‘s  how it all went down.

What drew you to the music industry? As a teenager, I was drawn to the music industry because of the freedom and creativity it brought me. It was the potential to become well known for my talent and abilities as a singer/songwriter in an industry I admired.

Who are you inspired by?

I have always wanted to be a singer. I was inspired by Whitney Houston, Patti LaBelle, and Toni Braxton growing up. I learned how to sing well by performing their songs and listening to their breathing techniques and honing my skills through practice.

Please explain your creative process.

It all begins with an impulsive idea that pops into my head, which usually comes in the form of a phrase. I would say something to myself so profound and then become excited about the potential to explain what it all means. It all begins with questions and wonder, and then the energy and movement begins afterwards after finding that perfect track or creating the production. It all comes from the melody and style created by humming and vibing to what it is I’m singing about.

What’s an average day like for you?

I am usually up early in the morning, and the first thing I do is check my emails and social media for messages from my team or anyone interested in my music or working with me professionally. Then I work on projects—finishing up on any mixes and mastering songs, and I start creating new opportunities for the future, brainstorm with my team and develop new ideas for projects.




How long have you been performing?

I have been performing for over 10 years professionally. I began my performing career as a teenager, singing at festivals and private events.

Is there a hidden meaning in any of your music?

Absolutely. I have an album that was written and sung in an ancient Nubian African language that was extinct. It was delivered to me through spiritual possession by the ancestors and ancient gods. The messages in the songs are that of royalty, rulership and friendship. The language is hardly understood since it hasn’t been spoken globally, yet it is articulated in an distinct and intellectually coherent way, that the language may be revived and improved.



Do you collaborate with others? What is that process?

I have collaborations with Ty Dolla $ign, and Charli XCX. We send songs to each other through our producers via email and record our verses in the studio.

Please discuss how you interact with and respond to fans.

In the mornings I check my Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and emails and respond to fan questions about me and my music career.

What is your favorite part about this line of work? Your least favorite? Why?

My favorite part of this line of work is the creative process. It is both stimulating and inspiring to work on new music, with the intention to pass ideas into an audience. My least favorite is all the hours that go into creating projects and managing the business side of it all. It takes me about 16 hours a day to develop, create, market, manage and write up contracts, contact professionals, build up my team and promote my business on average.

Have you ever dealt with performance anxiety? I think every artist has delt with performance anxiety. It happens right before you get on stage but what it actually is, is the adrenaline and energy from all of the excitement. I usually push through it by pumping my self up even further, and building excitement within myself for the crowd to experience the joy and happiness that I have because I will see and perform for them.

Who are you working with right now? I am working with Celebrity publicist Victor Hart and the producers Thorgan Woods from Pop Avenue Records. I am the co-founder of the Royal Maximus Entertainment. We are producing my first world tour, the “Save our People” Tour where I’ll be promoting my new album “Sudan” for 2024 which will start in Canada and the UK, and end in Dubai in January of 2025.

Do you have any projects happening right now?

Yes, I am gearing up to work with Michael and his celebrity booking agency Live Harding Agency, to produce a 10 date tour which starts in June 2023-August 2023 for the “ Heartbreak” tour promoting my newest album “Heartbreak”. The tour will start in the U.S and end in Canada.

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