“He is a sociopath” – Emeka Ike ex wife Suzzane Emma breaks silence after she was accused of selling his multi million Naira properties (Video)

“He is a sociopath” – Emeka Ike ex wife Suzzane Emma breaks silence after she was accused of selling actor’s multi million Naira properties (Video)

Suzanne Emma, ex-wife of veteran Nollywood actor, Emeka Ike, has decided to break her silence amidst accusations of selling the film star’s multi-million Naira properties.

Emeka, who is lead actor of his young colleague, Toyin Aimaku’s cinematic movie, Malaika, has recently opened up on his 12 years marriage crash with Suzzane during his interview with Channels TV.


He explained that the mother of his children sold his school, which was worth over N480 million, without informing him. Additionally, he mentioned that his ex-wife also made him lose access of his kids.

However, Suzzane decided to share her own side of the story as she granted interview with popular media personality, Chude Jideonwo.


The entrepreneur revealed that her ex-husband was a sociopath, sharing some experiences during their marriage. According to her, Emeka Ike was woman beater and drug addict.

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In her words, “There was a time we went to hospital and my child was sick and we didn’t have much. I was trying to negotiate. Then, he was like, ‘These people, you can’t even talk to them. Who are there? They have beneath you and you, you allowing them to do this and all that’. And I got upset and I was like, why are you being a jerk? You know, excuse my language and I went off into the car”.

“Before I could know it, his punch landed on my jaw. He is a sociopath because there was a day that he had finished hiting and I was on the floor Looking at him………”

Watch the video below here


Some reactions are shown below:

tbr_records said, “Marriage is not for kids , marriage is an institution orchestrated by God , marriage is a beautiful thing in the eyes of God , for a man and a woman will become one , find out from God wat does that mean. When you find her , she becomes your peace, wealth , health , happiness , so much she brings to her home . You don’t get married becos , she or he is rich , good on bed . Marriage is Love and Love is God , there’s no who’s right or wrong in marriage , when men forbids to allow Gods ideology in their homes , the result is what you see , fighting , broken homes . Poverty . Etc God said , it is not good for the men to be alone , he get why he talk so . Allow God help you find a purpose in marriage and he will give your life a meaning . Marriage is the best institution orchestrated by God for men to be happy”.

preshhhbaby said, “Mind the question is did you shut down the school and take down his properties YES OR NO that’s what we want to know leave story😂she doesn’t even know how to lie 😂anyone that believes a actual a mumu 😂😂😂”.

dr._kn said, “I new emeka Ike lied 78percent … He was trying to claim a successful man who was brought down by a woman ..a man trying to put his failure on someone else … Why the woman was trying to save her child, the man was all about his reputation as a celeb”.

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