Empress Njamah ex-lover, George Wade revealed to have sensitive videos of 9 celebrities on his phone


George Wade revealed to have sensitive videos of 9 celebrities on his phone

Controversial popular Instagram vlogger, Gistlover has revealed that George Wade has videos of about nine (9) celebrities on his phone following his arrest.

Following the arrest of the estranged lover of Empress Njamah, there have been a series of revelations. It was reported earlier that he has also scammed 20 Liberian women of their money and other valuables.

In a recent disclosure, Gistlover has revealed that after the arrest of George Wade, it was discovered that he had nudes of about 9 celebrities in Nigeria.


Additionally, Gistlover shared a video call George Wade had with actress Ini Edo during which he was seen holding her passport.

“Hello tueh tueh, we need to address this issue real quick for others upcoming to learn, thank God that the Liberian be*ast has been arrested and will face the law but I am openly pleading with all our celebrities to please be discipline, stop KNA*CKING the same man, stop sending your nv*des.

First it was kpokpogiri, one will think they will all learn from that kpokpogarri Saga, but no, this b@st@rd all the way from Liberia sef come 9jw come us*eless our Almighty celebrities, just as kpo kpo got alot of celebrities nv*des, this Liberia guy got loads of them too

immediately he was arrested yesterday, one of my source sent me all they recovered from his phone and I couldn’t help but open my mouth, at least nv*des of 9 celebrities video call, their passport, Etc.

So it’s safe to say all of them are eating the same pri*ck, and the same set of people go enter location and act movie on morals when in actual sense them no get se*nse, na ini OWN shock me pass, likeeeee, ini know say this cri*minal dey with empress but Oju kokoro of the borrowed wealth he flashed for all of them made them loose their home training, like I said at least 9 popular celebrities nv*des was sent to me but no be me go use my hand post that kind thing.

If you ever had any encounter with this guy, them don submit una nv*des and some of una personal belongings to Liberia police oooo,to those coming behind, wether celebrities or not, STOP SENDING YOUR NU*DES TO ANYBODY, NOT EVEN YOUR HUSBAND, it’s a very di*rty habit, one way or the other it will leak and to put celebrities, stop feasting on just one pr*ick.

If your colleague don dey kna*ck one person, find your own for front, maybe just maybe if una leave empress with the guy, the guy for no get plenty nu*des like this, y’all are role model, y’all are public figure, act as one, stop jumping about,I hope you all have learned the hard way now and will do better next time.

Congratulations to all his victims, hand don meet am las las, now onto the main gist wey I want make GLB NATION pay attention and learn, then get your dra*gging shoe ready, we go dr*ag person like I pass my neighbor generator today, SHALL WE????”.


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