E-money, Kcee break silence amid reports of clash between them and guys behind the flute/chants in ‘Ojapiano’


E-money/Kcee break silence amid reports of clash between them and guys behind the flute/chants in ‘Ojapiano’

Billionaire entrepreneur, E-money and his brother, Kcee finally reacted following rumours of a misunderstanding emanating between them and the guys behind the flute and chants in the trending jam, ‘Ojapiano’.

It’s no news that Kcee recently sampled the unique sound which became generally accepted, causing it to trend massively.


However, in the face of this, rumours about Kcee and E-money falling out with the guy behind the flute and the lad responsible for chants in the song went viral.

While the reports sparked mixed reactions online, E-money via his official Instagram shared some videos of the lads to address the rumours.

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In the videos, they categorically stated that they’re on good terms with Kcee and his record label, Five Star Music.

Tagging Kcee to the post, E-money wrote: “Ojapiano as a sound was not stumbled upon, No!!! it took me and my team over 1 year + of arrangement, rearrangements and composition to arrive at this stage that everyone across the world is enjoying the sound now!!!

Everyone on the team from the producers, to the instrumentalists (Oja) and (chants), A&R team etc were all compensated contractually and monetary as per agreed even before commencement of the project.


As at the time of recording the Oja, the team weren’t even sure of the direction to go, we just had an idea and called Ojazzy, whom we brought to Lagos to play at Emoney’s house.

We took him along to our recording camp, asked him to play and he was paid duly even 100% extra to what was agreed. Since then we have also brought in several other Oja players to record at the camp.

Let the many negatives comments stop already! Let’s all enjoy this sound and many more to come.”

See the post below:

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