Dancer, Korra Obidi expresses sh0ck as her daughter, June discloses what her dad does to her at night (Video)


Korra Obidi expresses shock as her daughter June discloses what her dad does to her at night (Video)

Controversial Nigerian dancer Korra Obidi has stirred mixed reactions online during a live video when her daughter June discloses what her dad does to her at night.

The divorced couple, who split in 2022, co-parent their children by alternating custody arrangements between their respective homes.


In the video, Korra is seen having a conversation with her daughter, June, who eagerly expresses her wish to visit her father.

Nevertheless, Korra gently pointed out that the planned visitation was scheduled for Sunday. Surprisingly, June began revealing details about her recent visit to her father’s home, mentioning that he frequently desires her presence at night.

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This revelation caught Korra off guard, visibly stunning her and leading her to quickly mute the video. Despite her attempts to seek further clarification from June about the narrative, it became evident that obtaining a clearer explanation was not feasible.

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Watch the video below here


See reactions below;

naomi_e_cyril: Wants her at night??? Hope he isn’t molesting those girls. Omg im worried for them.

mees_rammyy: Korra u go regret dis one you wan start so!! What is wrong if a dad put his child to sleep and cuddle her? Korra be-car£fu!!

ummu_ridmah: It still baffles me how very sweet love turns into a very soured relationship 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️.

lietas_beauty_place: This road you want to ply now… Very bad and dangerous nne.

moxiestorm: Did she say he “wokes me at night” , “sometimes he wants me for my videos “. Cause na Weytin I hear o. Why the outrage in the comment section?

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