“It’s just a kiss” – Ilebaye reveals her intentions to kiss as many boys and have fun as a Gen Z baddie

#BBNaijaAllStars: “It’s just a kiss” – Ilebaye reveals her intentions to kiss as many boys and have fun as a Gen Z baddie (Video)

“It’s just a kiss” – Ilebaye reveals her intentions to kiss as many boys and have fun as a Gen Z baddie


BBNaija Season 8 All-Star housemate, Ilebaye Odiniya, was seen discussing her bold intentions to explore romantic connections, including her plan to kiss boys in the house, with her fellow contestant, Doyin.

The conversation, captured in a video that quickly went viral, has now become a subject of controversy among viewers and fans of the reality show.


Seated comfortably in one of the cozy corners of the house, Ilebaye and Doyin engaged in an intimate discussion about their experiences at a recent party hosted in the house.

It was during this lively conversation that Ilebaye candidly revealed her plans to kiss boys, expressing her desire to explore her feelings and attractions freely.

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Confiding in Doyin, Ilebaye shared how a recent encounter with another housemate, Cross, had ignited a spark within her.


Inspired by the passionate moment they shared at the party, she unabashedly confessed her eagerness to embrace similar connections with other male contestants in the house.

With an air of confidence, Ilebaye proudly referred to herself as a “baddie,” a term she used to describe her self-assured and bold personality.

In her view, kissing multiple boys was simply a carefree and casual act of enjoyment, devoid of any serious romantic implications.

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See mixed reactions below here:

prince_smart_coker.1: “Ilebaye, who was not a center of attention during her own set,is now the main focus of All Stars since she enter that house she has been on everybody’s radar,undoubtedly the most talked about housemate since the show started,every day she must give us something to talk about.”

legend.zino_: “What y’all crucified angel for 2 years ago is what y’all are now praising ilebaye for lol.”

la_doosh_fashionaffairs: “I am actually very proud of Ilebaye. It’s not easy to be in the house with people that have built brands, large fan base, millions of IG followers and all and still trend every day. What ever her game plan is, it’s working and I am here for it.”

nnekaopara3: “Angel did more than this during her set na still for top6 she end up.”

dedancapuppyluv: “But Baye and Doyin can keep a secret.. drunk me would literally scream”it’s my birthday”

biva_cosmetics: “Thought she said she’s purely a virgin anyways what do i know.”

gorontula_vendor: “Ilebaye is just too happy tonight. Abi Na wetin dem drink cause am.”

_oyiza: “Ilebaye didn’t come to play this season!”


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