“Lack Of Recording Kit & Promotional Resources Are Mostly Our Challenges” – Talented Rapper, Alaye Proof

Alaye Proof interview with GbExtra

Alaye Proof interview with GbExtra. Nigeria’s fast rising indigenous rapper, Alaye Proof in a new interview with GbExtra, talks about the inspiration behind his recently released joint project “Book Of Provens (The EP)” with talented rapper, Is Real Jagaban and shares his challenges as a rising star.

In the chat with GbExtra, Alaye Proof reveals how reactions from twitter made him join forces with Is Real (aka Young and Mighty). Recall both rappers gained massive acceptance after their first record “Nepa Bill Skit” went viral with massive reactions on twitter and retweets from top Nigerian stars.


The talented rapper and leader of Provens movement, also shares his excitement after been shortlisted as the ONLY indigenous rappers among top 8 finalist at the recently concluded Monster Challenge.

Read the excerpt from Alaye Proof interview with GbExtra below and drop your comment:

Your recent EP “Book of Provens” what really inspired the whole concepts?.
The EP was seriously pre-planned in all honesty. It was simply inspired by Twitter comments on our weekly edition on “Provens Diary”. Most of the comments were like “You guys should just drop a joint project”. We got the beats and started scripting. Took us 4days to complete the project.

Your chemistry with Is Real is outstanding, can you tell us how you can became duo and whats the relationship between you guys?.
Yeah, Thanks. We hear a lot of people saying that. Initially we had no plan to join force, Is Real Jagaban is my cousin who was just on a visit. We dropped our first skit “Nepa Bill Skit” which was Provens Diary 1.

Alaye Proof interview with GbExtra

The reaction was “wow” especially on Twitter. We started getting retweets from top Nigerian acts like Yemi Alade, Seun Kuti, AQ, Terry G, Boogie and many more. The internet suddenly wanted more of us so we were like “Oh okay, This is getting serious”.

Since then we’ve dropped ten more edition of the Diary and then our recently joint project “Book Of Provens (The EP)”.

As a rising star, what has been the biggest challenge(s) in your musical career.
Saying money would be basic, Won’t it?. Money is everybody’s problem. Most notably however is our lack of recording kit. We had to tip the producer a little cash to record every IG video we drop and then we pay a camera every week to cover us.

These things cost money and would have been more effective and money wiser if we had our gadgets. Next is the promotional resources which we obviously don’t have. We have to pick up extra jobs to be able to meet up with this expenses.

Recently, you guys were shortlisted for the ongoing #MonsterChallenge top 8, according to findings you and Is Real were the only indigenous rappers who made it to the finals:
Honestly we are very humbled and honoured to be the only selected indigenous rappers recognized at that stage of so huge a platform.

How was the journey so far, challenges and your reaction getting to the finals?
We grew up idolizing labels like Chocolate City and 100Crowns so I’d say it’s a huge honor and a dream coming true for us. Most importantly it’s a proof that Indigenous rap can be equivalently appreciated on big stages like Foreign raps too. It’s a postive take and motivation to every upcoming indigenous rapper out there. A beacon of hope and possibility of intercontinental acceptance.

"Lack Of Recording Kit & Promotional Resources Are Mostly Our Challenges" - Talented Rapper, Alaye Proof Reveals

#BookOfProvens is really a masterpiece with every track passing a genuine content. Which of these track(s) would you say made you push more?
Laughs…seriously this is a tight one for me. I’ve debated this with Is Real a lots of times and we can’t seem to arrive at a definite conclusion.

All songs hold different motivation because they cut across 6 different genres of music and inspiration.

Grateful“: Reflects a heart filled with gratitude to God despite all imperfections (Afro Pop).

Gbas Gbos“: Is a street Lingua bringing the reality of what the street is in raw undiluted form. It’s a song telling you like “Hey watch your moves and your words on the street. Takes 2 seconds for everything to burst (Dancehall).

Answers“: is a motivation to know more. A consciousness of man’s curiosity with mind awakening questions like. “Why are the real talents still broke?” (Old school Pop)

Bad Company“: is the most creative and didactic track on the album. A very conscious rap song (Conscious Rap).

While “T.G.I.F (Thank God It’s Friday)“: is the melodious end and the comic relief of all the seriousness on the album (Rock).

But if am to settle for one, not necessarily the best but the most inspiring to “Push” like you asked I’ll go for “Bastard“.

Any advice for fast rising artistes like you out there?
Consistence, hardwork, self-discipline and humility. These things are major keys in a keyholder. It’s hard to make musical progress without these aforementioned. Most importantly however Pray for grace and use the social media wisely.

What should music lovers and provens be expecting from Alaye Proof x Is Real?
Provens should expect lots and loads of music and progress from the team. We are also placing large emphasis on the bi-weekly edition of our rap forum “Provens Diary”.

Expect more quality videos and nicer concepts with good promotional value attached to the aforementioned. Thanks and remember. “Every Realer is a Proven”.



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