EDITORIAL: Tips On How To Make Your Song Trend

Tips On How To Make Your Song Trend

Tips On How To Make Your Song Trend

Tips On How To Make Your Song Trend.

How to turn your friends to your Personal PR. In the music industry, a lot of factors come to play in deciding whether a song will go viral or not. Although the artiste, label, producer and sound engineer are determinant factors, several other factors come to play.

So in this article we will discuss Tips On How To Make Your Song Trend and How to turn your friends to your Personal PR.

As an independent artiste, it seem very difficult to succeed in the industry as no club or radio DJ pays attention to artistes who are yet to sell their brand names to the market. But with these tips, one could trend anything even as an up and coming independent artiste.

5 Tips On How To Make Your Song Trend

1. Be Unique

Big Shaq’s “mans not hot”, didn’t go viral because it had more energy or work than other songs but because of its unique nature. Everybody fans a new sound or a new concept. Everything new is catchy. Its either everyone dislikes it (which gives room for a debate) or everyone likes it (which gives room for organic promotion).

Big Shaq’s “mans not hot” is comic, literally has no direct or defined message, though has a concept but not properly delivered as some verses where off bar. Yet, the song is a banger all because these weaknesses per sat turned out to be the strength. Everyone is skirra and papapa with no aim of trying to get the message. This is what being unique could produce. Create your sound and concept! Be creative

2. Have something that catches peoples attention.

It could be your mp3, your video or your attire. Be weird! Be out of place (Hit The Headlines/Be Controversial). Nothing pulls attention than consistently doing something no one is doing. Lady gaga’s hair sold her. Tiwa Savage is Nigeria/African music goddess, her lifestyle defined her brand.


Flyboi Inc Boss, Kizz Daniel controversial hit single “Fvck You” gain massive mainstream after he got top celebrities to record a verse/pass a message on the instrumental. Making “Fvck You” hit No.1 on world’s biggest digital platform iTunes and Massive Downloads/Mainstreams.

Endeavour to give your fans what to talk about. Place an argument with your lifestyle, fashion sense, interviews, songs, and visuals.

3. Use Of Viral Videos /Clips.

Most songs that went viral were a product of a comedy or dance clip. The world today is longing after comedy and dance. Something that keeps them happy and entertained same time.

This is why dance videos or danceable  songs are hitting the air wave on a daily basis. Endeavour to wrap your sounds behind video clips.

4. Use Of An Influencer.

Evey superstar/personality of any genre is a commander of his or her fan base. Having them push or support your brand is a plus as his or her fans will tend to engage with you and your sound.

Everyone loved Diamond Jimma viral song “AJE” featuring Sensational rapper, Otega but many didnt patronize the sound, Fortunately he paid one of Nigeria’s strong online influencer with massive audience making the song reach beyond expectations and went viral.

Once a big star believes in you by sharing or publicise you (Paid/Free), a million others will.

5. Make Use Of Several Promoters.

This is KEY. I ran promotional packages for several labels and committed artists. I discovered that paying 10 promoters to promote a single song is more benefiting than paying one promoter.

Take for example, if I need 100 steem to promote a song to 100 standard sites and radio stations, it’ll benefit more if I pay 10 promoters or a promoter who can promote a song on 10 standard sites.

When many persons are talking about the same thing, it naturally trends. Get more hands on deck, back up the promotion with a strategic PR and Social Media (Facebook/Instagram) Ads. SEE HOW TO PROMOTE YOUR MUSIC TO MASSIVE AUDIENCE HERE.

BONUS TIP: How to turn your friends to your Personal PR

Who is a Public Relation (PR): “Public relation is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.”

A public relations specialist is an image shaper. Their job is to generate positive publicity for their client and enhance their reputation.”

The Big Question Is “How Do I Turn My Friends Into My PR”?

Well, this strategy can only be successful if you have genuine friends and loyal fans/fams (i.e Individuals who’re willing to support your dream/passion) in your clique.

Build a Bond:

Get More Close To Your Friends, Fans, Fams and Music Lovers because this is your path to archiving what you’re aiming for. Creating/building a strong bond with your lovers will make your publicity momentum strong.

As they will continue sharing and publicising your sound and brand to their friends, and definitely you can convert their fans to your fans.

Create A Clique:

Differentiate between your dream lovers and chat friends. You can make a list where you can easily reach them.

Example: Share the artwork to your “Friends” for them to get notify that you’re about your song anticipation.

Creating a List of people whose aim is ONLY to get your PR publicity trend. (i.e Your song is dropping few days or a week, send your artwork to your friends, beg them to share or repost or put on their status) that will strengthen your brand/song publicity.

NOTE: Dont tag or disturb them with Unnecessary BroadCast (BC).

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