VIDEO: Reactions as Nigerian man shares video of Wizkid’s alleged childhood home in Surulere


Wizkid childhood home Surulere

A Nigerian man has shared a video of a house in Surulere where he claimed popular singer, Wizkid, lived during his childhood.

While sharing a video of the house, he called a security man residing at the area to attest to his claim, and the security man affirmed that Wizkid actually grew up there.


Sharing the video on TikTok, the man captioned: “This is Wizkid’s childhood home in Surulere, Lagos. Wizkid is called grace. He started from nothing to something.”

Wizkid childhood home Surulere

Watch the video below here:


Reactions as Nigerian man shares video of Wizkid’s alleged childhood home in Surulere

Reacting to the video, @da_tasie said: “Why will I not love dis man I keep believing, seb’ Oluwa loni ma ribatise.”

@user151622 commented: “Everyone has a past history and if u don’t u would get to understand or experience the world itself.”

@sparklynnath added: “Wizkid self nor suffer, that house na big man house oo, I been think say na mud hux he take grow.”

munet.kay said: “Normally all of us get story to tell. Some of us na mud house for village dem born us. But thank God for today.”

_like2love said: “Some wealthy people today grew up in a place worst than this . I don’t see the big deal in this . Besides kudos to wizkid for making it big.”

olarach60 said: “They want turn wizkid childhood house to exhibition centre una no get work, sapa meet joblessness .”

tkinzystar said: “Why is he laughing? If I show you where I grew up you will understand that this house is a mansion. U dey whyne me ?”

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_noble0529 said: “You know how much them dey Rent this kind Apartment for lag, most especially in Surulere?.”

teejoejazz said: “This place even better self… Come where dem born me and where I was raised. You go all cry. This place your showing was a best house back then. Wizkid parents are rich, take it or leave it.”

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