“Most Rappers Are Scared To Feature Me Because Of My Ability To Rap Fast” – Adewale The Fastest Rapper

"Most Rappers Are Scared To Feature Me Because Of My Ability To Rap Fast" - Adewale The Fastest Rapper

"Most Rappers Are Scared To Feature Me Because Of My Ability To Rap Fast" - Adewale The Fastest Rapper

Adewale The Fastest Rapper. The Nigerian music industry is really buzzing with lots of competitions from all genre as creativity, talent, consistent and money are paving way for many artistes in the industry.

In a recent chat with GbExtra, Nigeria’s self acclaimed fastest rapper, Adewale Adepoju popularly known as Adewale The Fastest Rapper talks about how money and artists who are scared to featured him on a song because of his versatility to rap fast has been a major challenge to him.

The “Magba” crooner, Adewale Fastest who recently released single “Geezuz” is currently receiving massive acceptance among music lovers is one versatile rapper who has been consistently serving fans and music lovers good music over the years.

Recall, The BBC confirmed him as one of Nigeria’s quick rap sensation. In the quick chat with GbExtra, Adewale (aka The Fastest Rapper) also gives an insight about what inspired his new record “Geezuz“, Lifestyle, Passion for music and challenges in the industry.

Read the excerpt from the interview with Adewale The Fastest Rapper below:

Who is Adewale the fastest rapper?
Adewale is a multi talented act, who studied performing and media arts in Pefti film institute. An actor and a rapper, flow like Eminem, witty with the lines like VeC (Vector) and radical like Bustarhyme.

When did you Start your chasing your musical career?
Been in the game for a very long time but I came into the game professionally in 2016 after I finished in Pefti.

Opened my Instagram in 2016 and got signed by a US Record Label with a deal worth of Millions via IG (Instagram) few months after, after a whole lot of hardwork and sorts.

"Most Rappers Are Scared To Feature Me Because Of My Ability To Rap Fast" - Adewale The Fastest Rapper
Adewale (The Fastest Rapper)

As one of Nigeria’s talented quick rapper how has the music industry been (challenges)?
Music is Busisness, Capital is essential to float a business successful. So Money is important in the music industry too, if you don’t have money you have to work really hard and pray to God alwayz, Cos the Industry is all about money (don’t be deceieved) if you like sabi sing pass wizkid, if you no get money just forget it !

What are your plans to revive Hip Hop in Nigeria?
And as per what I’ll do to revive hip hop, Mhen ! Very simple ! I’ll make the world understand the meaning of ATF. thats all.

Your new single “Geezuz” is a zanku record, are switching your Genre or trying to follow the trend? What inspired “Geezuz”?
Am never switching or following Trend. I’m kind of artiste that cherish versatility a lot. GEEZUZ is not just an ordinary song, it’s a movement attached with a Grass to Grace kind of story (Wonpewa la amateur tele wonti kowaje bashen mugbele Oplelope Gee! Gee! GEEZUZ lol) some people can well relate with that.

Some thought I sell out Cos I dropped GEEZUZ, I think they don’t understand what ARTS means. If an Indian kind of song come tomorrow as inspiration I will definitely run the vibe without hesitation, that’s not selling out, it’s call being diversified and creative.

If you’ve been following I released two hip hop songs same month I dropped GEEZUZ. The first song was SOUTH AFRICAN VISA, second one was FEATURING OLAMIDE.

Check out that title Dawg! Those are never related to any artistic job ever! I ensure creativity in my works errytime, the idea and and title is where my creativity normally start from. Abi Shey any Artiste in Naija don title their song GEEZUZ before?

"Most Rappers Are Scared To Feature Me Because Of My Ability To Rap Fast" - Adewale The Fastest Rapper

Tell us about Your challenges so far:
Money is a challenge and ability to make Nigeria appreciate the fast Rap tradition. Naija Market no send you, if you’re coming up with a style you have to promote it a lot so the people can buy the idea and if they later buy it you’ll love the results and be crown King.

I’m sure you know it wasn’t easy for Dagrin comjng out as a Yoruba rapper then but now everybody do Yoruba Rap even Igbo folks .

Another major challenge is FEAR! most rappers are always scared of the fast rap thang I no fit lie u lol, and that’s why it’s been so hard for me to get featured in songs.

As a matter of fact person don feature me way be say when the real song came out dem comot my verse lol, He don happen like twice. Na normal thing to me now. And person don suggest I get featured on a cypher way be say another rapper turn the idea down.

And even me don approach so many of our ALIST rappers, sent my songs to few and after listening is either they tell u they are too busy or they give one huge price for the collabo. No be say I no good bro but they know what they are doing but if I blow up the story won’t be the same.

If you could change anything about the music industry, what would it be? and why?
Nothing for now, the world itself is not perfect so don’t expect much from the Industry.

What advice would you have for someone wanting to follow in your footsteps (Fast Rapper)?
Smile, Someone trying to follow my steps must be very hardworking ooo Cos fast Rap no be shere shere (one have to work on The audibility, delivery with improved flows Cos fast Rap might make you wanna just say stuffs that ain’t related to the concept of your song but hardwork will balance that).

Go listen to my songs, you might think I would be weak with the content when rapping fast but NO! I don’t, I punch the lines with witty flows. And last of all, I AM NOT A ROLE MODEL, I am me (ATF), so I will Advice you be you. In GEEZUZ I trust.

So what makes you unique among your fellow counterparts?
My delivery, Mic presence Charisma, Creativity, the supernatural fast flows.

Which famous musicians do you admire, and would love to work with?
Kanye West, Wale, MI Abaga, Burna Boy, Olamide majorly. But you don’t have to be famous for us to work, I’m a fan of creativity and good vibes. If you’re good you’re good for me , Fame no be anything.

How do you balance your music with personal life?
I deprive myself a lot just to make sure I get good results. Music can be frustrating bro, I’m sure you’ve heard of artistes commit suicides, the pressure is deep bro.

As for me, Music is all I feed on. So I work my Ass everyday to achieve something Atleast.

What should your fans and music lovers be expecting from you anytime soon?
GEEZUZ video, Remix with celebrities but that’s if they no Dey fear collabo Atleast this one no be hardcore na Gbedu/Lamba.

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