STEM Winner, Southy Talks About His EP & How The Show Enhance His Fanbase


Southy Talks About His EP & How The Show Enhance His Fanbase

STEM Winner, Southy Talks About His EP & How The Show Enhance His Fanbase. Nigeria’s fast rising sensational rapper, Oke Oluwaseun Marvin popularly known as Southy who recently won STEM Live Freestyle Show Season 1.0 beating his closest rival Skeedy with 128Votes. (SEE HERE).

STEM (Save The Mic) 2019 is hosted by Osun renowned Radio Station Rave 91.7 Fm and Sponsored by Sequel Records and Entertainment.

The Ogun state-born osun based act is currently studying Law in Osun State University (UNIOSUN). In a recent interview with GbExtra on Sunday, Southy talks about his journey in the industry and how the competition “Save The Mic” (STEM) boosted his fanbase and brand.

Why did you choose “Southy” as a stage name?
Smile, well, i did my school in South Africa, so when i came back my friends started calling me “Southy” and thats how it got stock with me.

You sing and rap, what inspires your passion for music?
Yes, I sing and Rap, My passion for music is inspired by the realisation that music is a powerful weapon. I’ve discovered over time that Music can be used to reach out to the soul of people, making someone that’s feeling sad feel happy, making someone heartbroken feel Loved.

My passion for music is driven by the zeal to make more and more people happy by listening. A happier world is easier to live in. I’m basically a guy who like thinking differently. And doing things differently too.

Southy Talks About His EP & How The Show Enhance His Fanbase

Recently you were crown the winner of “Save The Mic Live Show”, can tell us tell your journey in the industry so far, challenges, achievements and how STEM has enhanced your fanbase:
Well, I started out in the industry around February Last year 2018. The major challenge I faced when starting was the fact that I didn’t have a large fan base. That made it almost impossible for me to get major shows in Osun at the time.

But then upon releasing my first song, the fan base grew a little, and that got the attention of my present manager now.

Then around December 2018 I got my chance at the Osun Ankara Night where I went through a 6 round rap battle before facing one of Osun’s best rappers, Rap Prince. I did justice to him that night and that was the beginning of good things for me.

I received a lot of recognition afterwards, At school, the release of my first track (ALRIGHT) kinda like paved the way to greatness for me. The love in school has been massive ever since.

STEM has really helped me alot in building my fan base, I remember having just under 1.5k followers on IG at the start of STEM but now got about 3k plus. I’ve got invited to tonnes of shows since competition in STEM. shows like the EASTER MONDAY WITH BABA ALARIYA etc. I believe there’s more to be done and I’m not relenting either.

Who do you see as a role model in the industry and why?
I don’t have a role model in the industry, cause I believe we only see what these artistes want us to see. We never know what’s going on underneath. But for reference sake, I see Adekunle Gold as a Role model. Not like I’d like to venture in his style of music but because he’s different. And that’s what I stand for..Being Different.

Southy Talks About His EP & How The Show Enhance His Fanbase

What’s the inspiration behind your 2019 debut single “AZA”?
AZA was inspired by the realization that no one can expect to be successful in life without God’s intervention. The lyrics speak for itself though.

Should your fans be expecting any project from you soon?
Sure, my fans should be expecting two Tracks and EP from me this year. The first titled “FRIEND ZONE” where I featured another upcoming artiste, IZZY. The second being a single titled “BÀMILO” where I talk about my Love life and the lessons I’ve learnt from Relationships as a whole.

And then the EP titled “DIFFERENT” with 4 tracks. Then I’ll be starting next year with another EP titled “FINDING ME“. i might have everything planned out but I know I can’t do any of it without God’s grace.

Whats your advice for fast rising artistes like you?
My advice is quite simple, Don’t just make music, Create something amazing. And Network yourself, meet new people, you never know who you’ll need in the future.

Southy Talks About His EP & How The Show Enhance His Fanbase

Southy Talks About His EP & How The Show Enhance His Fanbase

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